middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Attendance Policy

Excused vs. Unexcused Absences

Please notify us by phone (978-236-3100) on days that you are not sending your child to school. We will regard an absence for medical reasons or weather conditions as "excused." Please provide a doctor’s note following an illness of more than three days.

Other absences, such as extended vacation time, are not considered excused. Please note that this policy is important to ensure the effectiveness of the program. Landmark classes are small, individualized, and driven by daily reinforcement of ongoing concepts. When your child misses school, not only is his or her progress affected, but the continuity of the small group classes also suffers—affecting the other children in each academic group.

We have a call-back system to verify absences in cases where we are not notified. Frequent unexcused absences will lead to a parent conference.

We recognize that students will occasionally need to be dismissed for appointments. In these situations, please notify the main office (978-236-3100) in advance in writing or by telephone. Whenever possible, please try to align dismissals with the end of classes to reduce disruption. Upon arrival to pick up a student for a dismissal, parents should check in at the main office.