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Week of October 3, 2021

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A Note from Claire Sullivan

Head of Elementary•Middle School

There is a rafter of turkeys that populates our campus here at Landmark EMS. They often make their appearance at two times: in the early morning as students spill from vehicles and long after dismissal, when only staff members and those involved in after-school activities remain as dusk rolls in. The rafter works together as a team, traveling not solo, but with others who have a similar interest and goal in mind. They look out for each other and aren’t afraid to let you know of their presence, a form of self-advocacy perhaps. When I am fortunate to spot them, I often think of our students. Like the members of this rafter, our students are individuals who understand that working with others, whether with their peers or staff, has greater benefits than attempting this path alone. They speak up for themselves when necessary and hopefully feel like this place, this campus, is a home to them. The rafter reminds me of our shared goal: to provide a community, a safe place to learn necessary skills, both academic and social, for wherever the trail takes them next.

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A seasonable chill was in the air for the Second Annual Winter Fest at the Elementary•Middle School.
Kids on monkey bars wearing red for Dyslexia Awareness Month
On Friday, October 29, 2021, Mrs. Andrew organized an EMS campus-wide “dress-down and wear red” day to observe October’s Dyslexia Awareness month.