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Week of January 10, 2021

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A Note from Claire Sullivan

Head of Elementary•Middle School

The Landmark Elementary•Middle School community is thriving because of the hard work both the students and staff put in every day. Although this year is different from any other with new protocols in place, masking-wearing, one-way hallways, and tented dining spaces to name a few, what is happening in the classroom remains the same. Whether presenting them remotely or in-person, our teachers continue to craft individualized lessons that encompass the hallmark methods proven to be effective. While doing so, they are experimenting with new platforms, techniques, and methods for implementing these foundational skills.   

On a daily basis, I stand amazed by the creativity and dedication of our teachers, the perseverance and flexibility of our students, and the trust and support of our families, as we navigate this new world. Thank you for being a part of the Landmark community.

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ems sled making winter fest
The annual Fall Festival at the Elementary•Middle School was put on ice this year because of the pandemic, but students were not denied an activity-packed celebration.
landmark school zoom class with Mayor
Students in Amy Conant and Liz Scola's classes were treated to a first-hand lesson in government in early November, when Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken visited the Elementary•Middle School via Google Meet.
ems drama elective
With a hybrid format at the Elementary•Middle School, electives are more important than ever to provide students a break from screens and an opportunity to be active and creative. Drama, a new elective at EMS, offers both.