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Virtual "Morning Meeting" Community Links

• Enjoy this musical performance (link is external) by music teacher Jerry Smith and his family. 

• Riddle me this! Mr. Kahn shares an NPR riddle (link is external). Can you solve it?

• Take a look at this awesome art idea about making a color wheel using found objects around the house. Thanks Ms. Flavin!

Remote Learning

Beginning on Monday (3/30), students will receive some assignments using Google Classroom. While some students have used this platform before, it will be new to others. This link includes some helpful training for parents and students. Middle school students should begin checking their school email. Elementary students will access Google Classroom initially through parent emails.

Using Google Classroom

Powerpoint and Guide for Students and Parents

Video links for Students and Parents

Remote Classroom Expectations

Click on the schedule for a full-page view

Click on the schedule for a full-page view

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A Note from Rob Kahn

You may have heard:  I’ll be taking on a different role at Landmark when this semester ends. I first became director of North Campus in 1985, after working at Landmark (and Landmark East in Nova Scotia) since the summer of 1972.  I might say that when I first took on this role I never would have dreamed that 35 years later I’d still be head of the Elementary•Middle School at Landmark. I might say that; but it wouldn’t be true. I haven’t imagined doing anything else for quite some time, and it’s a job I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and feel privileged and lucky to have undertaken. A large part of that privilege is the passion I feel being part of Landmark’s mission: providing a literacy toolbox to smart students in their teens or younger who need to learn differently.  The other large part of that privilege is the Landmark community.  Being in a role where my responsibility is to enable a stellar faculty to do their jobs makes me grateful on a daily basis.  Read more.

A Note from Claire Sullivan

To say that I feel honored to be given this new position would be an understatement. Fourteen years ago, I sat down anxiously in Rob’s office for my interview, hoping to secure a teaching position at Landmark. But if you have met Rob, you know how easy it is to be in his presence. Within moments, talk of my goals, experience, theater, research-based thesis papers, and travel erased my initial nervousness. To really understand Landmark one must experience it, and so shortly after, I found myself within an intimate classroom of eight students as the quiet observer. The rapport between the teacher and the class alongside the structured practices being implemented made an immediate and lasting impression. I knew then that there was no other place that I wanted to work. Read more.

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The Winter of 2020 did not deliver the usual drama of our region with mounds of white, fluffy snow, the excitement of an oncoming blizzard, or even a snow day. It was grey, dry, and frankly a little dull.
remote group meditation landmark school
Much has changed in our world over the past weeks, but one thing has remained consistent: Landmark's sense of community and camaraderie​.
landmark oral expression students
In February, students in Ann Andrew's seventh grade oral expression/literature class courageously presented projects that revealed their strengths, challenges, and what helps them as learners.