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If you have been at Landmark for even one day, you have heard of "Milkbreak." What is it? How did it start? And is there really milk?

Milkbreak: A Landmark Tradition

Every day at 9:45 a.m., the Landmark community takes a break and a big breath...and has a cookie! An integral part of the Landmark experience, Milkbreak has been in existence from the very beginning. Listen as Mr. Broudo talks about how Milkbreak got started and why it’s so important to our community.

Treat Yourself

Craving some milk and cookies? Satisfy your urge with this delicious recipe for oatmeal cookies.



A Time to Recognize Students and Faculty 

Join us for a peek inside faculty Milkbreak! Most weekdays and every Friday during Milkbreak, faculty and staff at both the EMS and the High School gather for a community meeting where they share updates and announcements and recognize their colleagues and students for a job well done.

Learn more about our very unique and special Milkbreak awards!

The Silver Bullet Award


The Golden Croc



The Unsung Hero Student Award


The Milkbreak Band

At the Elementary•Middle School, Milkbreak provides not only a space for a mental refresh and physical nourishment, it is also a fun social time. Students play games, indoors and out, chat with friends, and listen to music. Below are some pictures of the Milkbreak Band which performs during this social period.

Milkbreak Band PhotoShoot in Rain Milkbreak Band Performing