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Community Service All-Stars 2020 Part 1

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Every year Rev. Bill Ferguson recognizes students who have gone above and beyond in the community service program. Typically, an All-Star would be someone who accumulated 50 hours or more, but because our time on campus was cut short, Rev. Bill Ferguson decided to make 30 hours the minimum for All-Stars this year. This year we will be recognizing ten students as Community Service All-Stars. The first five, represented here, are seniors. The second five will be recognized next week. Please join me in congratulating these Community Service All-Stars!

All profiles written by Rev. Bill Ferguson.

Girl Smiling


Katya, a graduating senior, has been a main stay in community service during her four years at Landmark. She has been involved in just about every service opportunity we offer. She has done Special Olympics, Life Bridge, New Student Orientations, Landmark Open-Houses, the Blood Drive, Student Store, Landmark 5k, Valentine's For Veterans, not to mention her summer in Napal a couple of years ago, and this year she put in over 50 hours at Beverly Hospital after school. Katya has been nothing short of amazing in her community service work. Not only that, she does it with such enthusiasm and gets other kids excited about it too. So congratulations Katya, on being a Landmark Community Service All-Star with 80 hours this year! 


Girl Smiling Margaret


I had the privilege of tutoring Margaret when she first arrived at Landmark in February of 2018. While it is always more difficult for a student to enter a program mid-year, I was astounded at how seamless her transition was. From the start, it seemed as if she had been here all along. This is reflected in her involvement in the school and the community service program in particular. She has helped with the New Student Orientation, Vettes to Vets, Special Olympics, the Student Store, the Blood Drive, Landmark Open Houses, she has helped set up for Landmark dances and she did many hours helping her local church during the summers. Margaret has established herself as a valuable and vital contributor to our community. This year she has completed 36 hours of community service. Congratulations, Margaret!


girl smiling Liz


I think you would agree with me that Liz is one of those graduating seniors who just has the most warm and welcoming smile! If you ever wanted one of these smiles, all you had to do was visit the student store. Liz has been involved there for as long as I can remember. This year she also worked with Katya at Beverly Hospital after school in pursuit of her career in nursing. Just the fact that she wants to be a nurse makes her a hero in my book already! This year, Liz contributed 69 hours of community service. Congratulations, Liz!

Boy Smiling James


James is going to be one of those graduating seniors we are truly going to miss. One doesn't come across many young men who are as gentle and kind in spirit. James has shared this wonderful spirit in many ways, especially in his work with young kids at Beverly Children's Learning Center and at his church helping with the young ones during the service. He has also volunteered at Life Bridge Homeless Shelter, Harborlight Retirement home, and he has helped with the Blood Drive. This year he has worked a total of 30 hours. Congratulations, James!

Boy smiling Luca


In all the years he has been at Landmark, Luca has always said hello every time he sees me. Luca is certainly one of our friendliest graduating seniors with a heart of gold. You will often see him in the Student Store, but he has also been involved in other community service programs. He loves Special Olympics and has been there every year he has been at Landmark. Luca is also a great representative of our school, helping at the Open House and New Student Orientations. He has also been a regular contributor at the Red Cross Blood Drives. This year Luca gave 41 hours of community service. Congratulations, Luca!