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The College Visit: Questions to Ask the Disability Support Services Office

Most colleges have a support service office to help students with learning disabilities access the resources they need to succeed. Students with learning disabilities should make an appointment to meet with a representative from the support service office on their college visits. These are questions to ask during the meeting.

  • How many professionals are providing services for students with disabilities? What is their background and experience?
  • How many students with disabilities do you serve?
  • Do you have a specific program for students with learning disabilities? Is there a unique application process for the program?
  • If there is a program, please describe the types of support that are built into the program.
  • Is there a fee for the program?
  • Would you please comment on the following accommodations and talk about the process for securing each? Select those that are appropriate for you or your child.
    • Priority registration
    • Reduced course load
    • Extended time on tests
    • Assistive technology
    • Foreign language waiver or substitution
    • Note takers
  • Is tutoring available? How is it scheduled? Is tutoring one-on-one or small group? Who conducts tutorials (peers, professionals, learning disabilities specialist)? How often can a student see a tutor?
  • What is the school retention rate for students with learning disabilities?