Bob Broudo Award

The Bob Broudo Excellence in Service Award

Cementing a Legacy:

Ensuring Bob’s name, presence, and spirit live on in our community is one of the most important endeavors before us. 

Our beloved and long-serving headmaster, Bob Broudo, will retire in the spring of 2022. As part of the 50 Forward Campaign we will honor the name, presence, and spirit of a Landmark legend, Head of School, Bob Broudo. Bob helped build Landmark from the ground up as a young teacher in 1971, and later led Landmark as Head, shaping the School into the world-renowned institution it is today. He is, and always has been, an ardent supporter and advocate for teachers and knows firsthand that choosing a career of service and passion comes with certain sacrifices—usually financial. But for those called to be educators, the opportunity to guide young lives, especially those who need help unlocking their full potential like the students at Landmark, is a worthy life decision.  

As part of Bob’s legacy at Landmark School, we will establish the Bob Broudo Excellence in Service Awards. These awards will provide monetary bonuses presented to Landmark teaching faculty at each five-year milestone of service at the School. In an average year, approximately 50 teaching staff - of the 250 total - celebrate a 5 year milestone of service at Landmark. 

Through the 50 Forward Campaign, the goal is to raise a $5M endowment, resulting in a $200,000 average annual draw-down that will be distributed to all of the teachers celebrating a milestone anniversary.

It is our hope that these awards will encourage our highly skilled and dynamic teachers to continue their careers at Landmark—just as Mr. Broudo has done.

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