Landmark middle school student Fall

Amira Ghobrial ’17

Knowing Myself

By Amira Ghobrial ’17​

I am in my third year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where I am majoring in economics. Three years out of Landmark, I realize that the opportunity to attend Landmark School was a pure luxury because I have taken so much that I learned to university.

When I graduated from Landmark School, I had no idea what I wanted to study, but I knew I had the skills and confidence to figure it out. I took a wide range of courses in my first year in college, and after taking an introductory economics course, I slowly started finding out that I enjoy learning about individuals and industries and the economic activities of different markets.

Embracing Learning Differently

Landmark taught me that everyone learns differently. Now I attend classes consisting of 100–200 students, and everyone around me learns at a different pace and in different ways and spends different amounts of time on assignments and their studies. The important thing is knowing what works best for you and sticking to that, even if it means making some compromises or sacrificing a night out. 

One thing that has helped me succeed is waking up early. I used to think I was a night owl until I tried changing my schedule and saw how productive I could be with no distractions while everyone was still asleep. Suddenly I had more time to do other things I love. I am part of several clubs including Muse Magazine, a student-run lifestyle and fashion magazine, and Queen’s Women in Financial Markets. I also volunteer as a note-taker in most of my courses. 

Embracing Advocacy

Perhaps the most vital thing Landmark taught me was self-advocacy. Before Landmark, I was a very shy girl who was always afraid to ask for help. During my three years there, the words “advocate for help” were engraved in my mind because teachers put such an emphasis on this skill. Advocating has helped me a lot in university. I have built relationships with professors simply by asking for help, and this has made me a more successful student. I am continuing to learn new things every day, and I can’t even imagine what will unfold for me in the future; but I am looking forward to the obstacles and challenges ahead.  ​

Article originally published in The Lantern, Fall/Winter 2019/20