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Hear from our students about how attending Landmark has helped them face the challenges of dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities head on. 

High School Student Panel

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Read what students, parents, and teachers have to say about their Landmark experience.

Elementary•Middle School

Tutorial is where you usually unlock your brain cells.—Logan
Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to say about what you have all done for my son. Last year I finally saw him break down his defensive wall and open up. He’s now playing sports, learning the guitar, and planning what books he wants to read this summer. Of all the gifts you gave him, was hope. Thank you for making such a difference in his life, as well as so many other kids and families. —Heather, Middle School parent
In addition to our daughter’s intelligence and fierce work ethic, we know that her Landmark experience played a vital role in her success. Research indicates that early intervention in dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities is a benefit, however, we feel Landmark had a specific and meaningful impact on her success. Not enough kids get the opportunity to benefit from such a tremendous resource like Landmark and we will forever be thankful to all of you. —Dave, Middle School parent
Our son began his year at Landmark so happy and relaxed because he has attended the Summer Program. But nothing could have compared to what he said about his first day of the school year. He was incredibly happy—even his homework because he has been set up for success and knows how to do it. I will never, ever be able to express the depths of my gratitude for all of you. —Suzanne, Middle School parent
As a teacher, each one of my classes holds a special place in my heart because we start the year as strangers and end it as a family. —Amy, Landmark elementary teacher
I never could have predicted that my daughter would now sneak away to read when she wants to relax. She is even going to read a book with her best friend and have a virtual book club over the summer. I realize that the days ahead may not all be "rainbows and unicorns,” but I needed to let you know because each one of you has helped to make this happen. And that means everything. —Jamie, Elementary parent


High School

Landmark prepared me for college in many ways academically and socially, and I attribute a lot of my success in college to Landmark. I think the most important thing Landmark gave me was academic confidence. This in itself has really changed who I am today. I was never academically confident prior to going to Landmark and becoming academically confident really helped me perform well in college.—Amira Ghobrial '17
"Not enough words! If you’re looking for a school to support a child with language based learning disabilities, look no further! Landmark is a life-changing GIFT!—Elizabeth Lutsky '93
What you have done for our daughter and our family has literally changed our lives. As hard as it is to have her far from home, hearing how happy she is makes it worth it. Thank you for helping her get what she so wants and deserves. —Jane, High School parent
Landmark taught me to treat my learning difference as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Looking back at where I started at Landmark, I did not believe that I could have made it to where I am today and I know I would not have made it without the help and support from my teachers at Landmark. Thank you! —Jack, Graduating Senior
Our son was a student who had to be cajoled to get ready for school or to talk about his classes. He has transitioned to being a young man who to takes responsibility for preparing for school and readily volunteers feedback about his studies. This was a blessing that our family desperately needed. —Jim, High School parent
Gio started his freshman year filled with lots of excitement and a tiny bit of apprehension..."What will I do? What if I get homesick? How will I get in contact with you?" From the moment we dropped him off, we knew he was prepared to take on the challenges, activities, and new independence, and we were all grateful he was feeling so ready! Gio embraced every aspect of residential living: friendships, sports, social events, volunteering, brunch on weekends, doing his own laundry, being free from his "helicopter parents." His days were filled, and he loved every minute of it! He often speaks of how much he misses being on campus, and we all look forward to him returning for his junior year. We know that Landmark has and will do everything possible to ensure the safety of students/staff. The benefits for Gio being in the residential program are what we keep our focus on. We are so grateful he will have the opportunity to again be in such a vibrant environment where he is learning all aspects of independent living with such great teachers and staff. HE CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK!—Mari Pandiscio, High School parent
The program is much more than just school, it offers kids an opportunity to grow in so many ways. They become more independent, better self advocates, and appreciate a true sense of community. Kyle is going to be living on campus in the fall and is very much looking forward to it. —Melinda Stevenson, High School parent
By living in the dorm at Landmark, I am better able to focus. I also have support 24 hours a day, seven days a week if I need any help getting my work done. Students who live here gain valuable life skills and experience. —Kyle Stevenson '22

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