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Student Stories

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Landmark students are making news on campus and beyond. Read inspiring stories about how students are leaving their mark on the world by putting their passions into action.

Finding My Voice

by Callie Dangel '20
The text on my script represents a confrontation that happened 12 years ago between my best friend and me. Why is this significant? It was the moment I realized I was unable to use words to fully express my emotions like others could. Fortunately enough, she had patience with me because she understood what it was like to have challenges. Our personal obstacles brought us together. Although I was taken out of class to attend speech therapy, I did not feel isolated because my close friend remained my lifeline. Having her on my side made me want to try harder to start communicating. ...READ MORE

A Sense of adventure

by Hazel Crowley
Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Alice Schwechheimer, a senior from Essex, Massachusetts, would surely agree. Not only because Alice shares an affinity with the famous activist, having played her in a single but memorable Landmark performance of The Miracle Worker, for which she learned stage combat (also known as fight choreography), but also because Alice has, simply put, an affinity for adventure itself...READ MORE

Arriving at Landmark: My Story

by Angie Assetta ’24
It all started in third grade. Kids made fun of me because I couldn’t keep up or read quickly. Sometimes I told my mom I didn’t feel well or threw tantrums so I didn’t have to go to school. I used to hide in the bathroom during lunch...READ MORE

The Quadruple Threat of the Theater

by Nate Efinger
The department is divided into four major disciplines: dance, music, technical support, and theater. When a student “crosses the boundaries” and is involved with two disciplines, it’s noteworthy; to participate in three facets of the program is rare; and for a student to work in every discipline within the department is remarkable.
Meet Paige Steriti ’19...READ MORE

Making An Impact Through Athletics

by Brook Sumner
Together, they came up with the idea for an Athletic Student Council at Landmark. The council would be made up of student athletes, and its main objective would be to help student athletes communicate with the Athletic Department and create community service efforts, foster leadership opportunities, and promote school spirit through athletics...READ MORE

The Path to Confidence

by Elizabeth Theriault ’20
When I arrived in the summer of 2016, I was a quiet, shy, and insecure teenager who struggled for years in a public-school learning environment. Since then, I have not only developed self-advocacy skills and independence but also, most importantly, confidence in myself...READ MORE

The Girl on Her Own Adventure

by Hazel Crowley
It’s the night before this article’s deadline. I’ve just lost an hour, entranced by a video game called Cuphead. I’m following a 1930s-esque grinning mug cartoon as it battles a boxing frog and spitting potato, all to a feisty ragtime beat and…I’m confused. This is one of Solenn Minogue’s favorite pastimes?...READ MORE

This is Me

by Abby Cournoyer ’25
A long, long time ago I was in a class and I noticed that I was different. There were kids who were not like me. Kids that knew everything and I knew nothing...READ MORE

The Most Uninteresting Thing About Nicole

by Jeanne Talbot P'20
It was a cool spring afternoon at Landmark with a sweeping, stiff ocean breeze that rushed up the hill between the Alexander and Lopardo buildings. I saw him across the drive, and he saw me. He smiled, I think, but maybe not...READ MORE

Zen and the Art of Student Relaxation

by Lydia Jackson ’20
I am Lydia Jackson, a sophomore at Landmark School. I came to Landmark because I struggled at my past schools. Landmark has changed my life by teaching me not only the skills I need but also to love school and learning...READ MORE

Queen of the Kitchen

by Joe Rose
After one-and-a half years as a student in Landmark’s Prep Program, Katia Green began to think outside the box in terms of her future. What she began to envision at that point in her junior year would go a long way toward changing her life both academically and personally. ...READ MORE

Getting Back on Track

by Katharine Judy, former student at Landmark Elementary•Middle School
Before coming to Landmark, school was a nightmare for me. Of course I had friends, but the classes were extremely difficult. I was reading almost three years below my grade level and my writing, well it wasn’t the best. Whenever I read I couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of each chapter and the words on each page seemed to float away into the abyss. ...READ MORE