Donor Stories

Landmark donors share our passion for education and helping students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, thrive in and out of the classroom. Read about what drives our donors to action and how they are furthering Landmark's mission.

Leslie Family

As John and Heather Leslie left a Landmark Admission visit with their son Nick, a seventh grader, there was an unusual silence in the car. John and Heather feared the worst. School was a growing source of anxiety for them all—and yet here they were, visiting another school, this one thousands of miles away from their home in London...READ MORE

Alan Dachs

Six years ago, Alan Dachs sat in the waiting area in the Drake Administration Building, preparing to begin his training to become a member of the Board of Trustees at Landmark School. Alan noticed a mother and son waiting for their admissions interview. The boy was about 9 years old. He was dressed nicely and very well mannered, but there was a sadness about him...READ MORE

The DiGiovanni Family P'20

“Dad, come get me NOW!,” said Matt DiGiovanni’s tearful daughter, Jessica, as she called him from her middle school. She had just received a poor grade on a test for which she had studied hard. Her dad knew this because they had worked on it together. Yet there she was again, not seeing academic results that matched her arduous efforts.  ...READ MORE

Courtney and Andy Stephenson P’21

Since their first daughter started preschool, Courtney and Andy Stephenson P’21 have been involved with their children’s education. Courtney helped with school events and fundraising and was on a first-name basis with many teachers. They were on a seamless course to graduation—or so they thought! ...READ MORE

Bryan and Katherine Bottarelli P'23

The journey to Landmark involved extensive testing, tears, and emotional family decisions. Throughout that process, Bryan and Katherine Bottarelli realized that their younger daughter, Paige ’26, would also benefit from Landmark’s approach. Thus began the maiden voyage to Manchester-by-the Sea, Mass., where the family eventually docked. ...READ MORE

George Ratermann ’79, P’10 

George Ratermann ’79, P’10 is friendly, approachable, fast talking, and can be counted on to sport one of his trademark Hawaiian shirts. He’s also one of four alumni/ae on Landmark’s Board of Trustees. George came to Landmark in the “early days” from South Carolina for a summer after third grade. He remembers being “a bright and happy child” until school got to be “just too hard.” ...READ MORE

Father and Son: Daniel '83 and DJ '22 Roberts

When their son, DJ, was just 14 months old, Daniel and his wife, Sandy, knew that their child had difficulty processing language that would make traditional school a challenge. After many years of frustration and disappointment, they turned to Landmark for the program that had been so effective for Daniel when he was struggling with school decades earlier. ...READ MORE

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