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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about life at Landmark, the admission process, academics, the dress code, or the food at Landmark? This FAQ page has the answers! 

Find information and updates to our COVID-19 policy and protocols.


How much does it cost to attend Landmark School?

The tuition for the school-year program at Landmark School is:

$65,000 for day students
$85,400 for residential students

Check back for the tuition for the Summer Program at Landmark School.

Learn about Landmark's financial aid program.

How do I apply to Landmark School?

First, fill out an Inquire form. Then, complete the application and submit the required materials.

What documents and records are needed to apply to Landmark School?
  • Copies of Official School Records from the past two years, including: report cards, transcript, IEP/504, and Progress Reports if applicable
  • Full WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) for students age 16 and under or Full WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) for students age 16 and older
  • WIAT (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test) or Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement or other similar measures of academic achievement
  • BASC (Behavioral Assessment Scale for Children) or CBCL (Child Behavior Checklist) or other similar measures of psycho-social functioning
  • References from teachers, principal, and physician
  • Summary of counseling services form if applicable.

These forms are provided in the application.

What tests are required for admission to Landmark School?
  • Full WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) for students age 16 and under or Full WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) for students age 16 and older
  • WIAT (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test) or Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement or other similar measures of academic achievement
  • BASC (Behavioral Assessment Scale for Children) or CBCL (Child Behavior Checklist) or other similar measures of psycho-social functioning
  • Speech-language evaluation, if one has been administered within the last three years
How many students attend Landmark School?

The capacity for each campus is as follows:

Elementary•Middle School: 165
High School: 310

Where is Landmark School?

30 miles north of Boston

High School: Beverly, Mass.
Elementary•Middle School: Manchester, Mass.

What grades are at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: 2–8
High School: 9–12

What type of student attends Landmark School?

Landmark students have been diagnosed with a language-based learning disability (LBLD), including:

  • dyslexia/reading disability
  • ​disorder of written language
  • ​expressive language disorder
  • ​executive function weaknesses
  • working memory and/or processing speed weaknesses

Landmark is not appropriate for students with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD)​, Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s syndrome (ASD)​, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)​​, or primary social/emotional/behavioral disorders.

Does Landmark School help students with dyslexia?

Yes. Landmark School is a language-based program for students with dyslexia/specific reading disabilities, along with other language-based weaknesses, such as spelling/writing, expressive language, and executive function challenges.

Where do students at Landmark School come from?

Landmark students come from all over the U.S. and other nations. Read how Landmark supports international students.

When will I find out if my child is accepted to Landmark School?

Once a completed application is received and all the required application documents have been submitted, there will be a 4–6 week review process by the Admission Committee. After the review process, if the Admission Committee feels Landmark is likely to be an appropriate school program to meet your student’s learning needs, there will be a screening and interview appointment scheduled for the student. After that individual appointment, the family will be told if the child is accepted to Landmark School.

Does Landmark School have a Summer Program?

Yes, both the High School and the Elementary•Middle School offer Summer Programs. Read more about the Summer Programs at Landmark Elementary•Middle School and High School.

How do I get my transcripts from Landmark School?

You should contact the registrar’s office at Landmark High School for copies of your transcripts.

Elementary•Middle School: 978-236-3110
High School: 978-236-3235

How long does Landmark keep my transcript?

Paper files are destroyed seven years after a student leaves Landmark.


How many students are in each class at Landmark School?

Class sizes on average are 6–8 students.

Will my child get individualized instruction at Landmark School?

All the instruction at Landmark is highly individualized, due the nature of the school being a language-based program. Students are grouped in the various content/subject area classes based on their skill levels. All students at Landmark receive a daily 1:1 language-based tutorial for individualized remediation of literacy skills.

How are students placed in classes at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: The head of the Elementary•Middle School, academic dean, and department heads review testing and file information, placement exams, and reports from previous school years, including teacher recommendations. Ultimately, administrators and department heads place students in classes deemed to be the best fit for that child based on skill level, learning style, peer group, and age.

High School: Generally the academic dean, department heads, and academic advisors review testing and file information, placement exams, and reports from previous years, including teacher recommendations. Ultimately, administrators, department heads and academic advisors place students in classes deemed to be the best fit for that child based on skill level, learning style, peer group, and age.

How much homework is given at Landmark School?

Typically Elementary•Middle School students receive 45 minutes to one hour of homework each night, and High School students generally receive an hour-and-a-half a night as underclassman and two to three hours a night as an upperclassmen for their 11th and 12th grade years.

Are foreign languages offered at Landmark School?

There are no foreign languages offered at Landmark School. American Sign Language is offered at the High School.

What electives are offered at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: visual art, digital art, woodworking, small engine repair, practical arts, computer science, Kids Around the Globe, music, bike repair. Read more about EMS electives.
High School: visual arts, woodworking, boat building, auto mechanics, performing arts, technology, physical education. Read more about High School electives.


What is the matriculation rate of Landmark School graduates?

94% of Landmark School graduates attend college or pursue post-secondary education.

When will my child receive their class schedule?

Elementary•Middle School: Students receive their class schedules on the second day of the program.

High School: Students receive their class schedules at the end of orientation period.

When can I meet my child's Academic Advisor?

Elementary•Middle School: Academic advisors are assigned once the schedule is created. They will contact you within the first two weeks of school, and you can make arrangements to meet at that time.

High School: The normal procedure begins at the end of August, when academic advisors return, review files, and make assignments. During the orientation process, you will be given the name of your child’s academic advisor. If you are unable to attend the orientation events, you can expect communication from your child’s academic advisor during the first two weeks of school. You should feel free to subsequently contact your child’s academic advisor at any time. 

When can I meet my child's teachers?

Conferences with teachers are scheduled twice each year, at Parents' Days held in the fall and spring. There are other less formal opportunities to meet at school events.

How can I get updates about how my child is doing in class?

There are three main ways to get updates: reports, conferences, and from academic advisors. Reports are issued quarterly, conferences are scheduled on Parents' Days, and updates can be arranged through your child’s academic advisor on a routine basis as determined by the two of you.

Where can I see the academic year calendar?

We publish the EMS Academic Year Calendar or the HS Academic Year Calendar on our website.

Student Life

Our Residential Program has re-opened for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

What happens if my child gets sick or injured at Landmark School?

There are nurses on staff at the Elementary•Middle and High School who can address minor illnesses and injuries, and there is a nearby doctor on call who can see students as required by the school nurse. In the event of a serious injury or illness requiring immediate medical attention Landmark School uses:
Beverly Hospital
85 Herrick Street
Beverly, MA 01915
Main Number: 978-922-3000; extension 2770, for Emergency Room

What after-school or extra-curricular activities are offered at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: Typically, more than half of our students stay after school for activities. These range from interscholastic sports (e.g., soccer, basketball, track, baseball) to club activities (e.g., drama, bike club, games club, croquet club, art, wood shop) to special programs offered through outside vendors (e.g. fencing, KnowAtom science program).  Read more about the EMS after-school program.

High School: Residents are required to participate in an after-school sports or activity program. Day students are welcome to and encouraged to participate as well. Beyond the athletic programs, we offer art, woodworking, weight lifting (on and off campus), yoga, auto mechanics, study hall, drama, dance, and technical theater (set design) on a consistent basis. At times we have offered mountain biking, bouldering, skate boarding, and skiing. These are examples of activities that have been offered to students; we can't guarantee that all of them will be offered every year.


Is community service required at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: Community service is not a requirement. We do have a Community Action Team with optional meetings during the school day and offerings for off-campus after-school field trips throughout the year.

High School: Community service is not a requirement for graduation. Landmark has a robust community service program that is offered as an after-school activity.

Does Landmark School have a performing arts program?

The Performing Arts Department at the High School puts on many performances throughout the year, including three theatrical performances that consist of two plays and a musical; a wide variety of musical performances that range from student-run coffee houses to choral and ensemble concerts; and an annual Evening of Dance recital, which features styles ranging from ballet and jazz to hip-hop and contemporary. All performances are backed up and produced by our Technical Theater Department, which engages students in everything from light and sound production to set design and construction. Read more about Landmark’s Performing Arts program.

Are classes held on Parents' Days?

Elementary•Middle School: There is a half-day of classes, with noon dismissal, for both fall and spring Parents' Days.

High School: There is no school on Parents' Days, but there are off-campus activities for residential students until 3 p.m.

What time does school start and end?

Elementary•Middle School: 7:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
High School: 7:50 a.m. – 3:13 p.m.

What meals are provided at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: breakfast, milkbreak (snack), and lunch
High School: Weekdays: breakfast, milkbreak (snack), lunch, and dinner. Weekends: brunch and dinner.

Does my child have to pay for meals at Landmark School?

No, all meals are included in tuition for both the High School and Elementary•Middle School.

Does Landmark School accommodate students with dietary restrictions?

Elementary•Middle School: Yes, academic advisors coordinate dietary accommodations.
High School: Yes, students and parents can work with the food services staff to make sure any dietary needs are met.

SAGE Dining Services, Landmark's food service provider, features a comprehensive program to accommodate students with food allergies. This includes a "serve it safe program," an online allergen filter, and online ingredient information. A team of registered dietitians goes through each menu, tagging ingredients for allergens and ensuring there is a variety of allergen-free options.

What is the food like at Landmark School?

SAGE Dining Services provides the food at Landmark School. SAGE offers a variety of healthy, fresh, local food to students and staff. Each main meal includes at least two proteins, protein-rich vegetarian options, as well as several vegetables and a starch. A salad bar, soup station, and sandwiches are available at lunch and dinner.

SAGE features a comprehensive program to accommodate students with food allergies. This includes a "serve it safe program," an online allergen filter, and online ingredient information. A team of registered dietitians goes through each menu, tagging ingredients for allergens and ensuring there is a variety of allergen-free options.

Do students board at Landmark School?

Students can board at Landmark High School. The High School is a mix of day and boarding/residential students. Up to 160 students board at Landmark High School.  Please refer to this list of what residential students should bring to school.

Boarding is not an option for Elementary•Middle School students.

Are there coed dorms at Landmark School?

Males and females are placed in separate residences.  Read more about the residential houses.

Do boarding students stay on campus during the weekends at Landmark School?

Students can stay on the High School campus during the weekend. There are wide range of choices of activities and outings every weekend. Read more about Residential Life at Landmark.

Does Landmark have a chaplain?

Yes. Landmark’s chaplaincy addresses the spiritual and religious life our students.

Is there a dress code at Landmark School?

There are dress codes at both the Elementary•Middle School and the High School

Learn about the EMS dress code.

At the High School, students must be in dress code during the academic day. Learn about the High School dress code.

Does Landmark School give students their medication?

Elementary•Middle School: The EMS campus nurse administers student medication with an accompanying physician order.
High School: The Health Center can distribute medications with parental permission.

Do students at Landmark School need money?

High School students need money for expenses, such as allowances, spending money, and weekend activities. Each High School student is expected to have funds in their Student Bank. Learn how to make a deposit in the Student Bank.

How can I add money to my student’s bank at Landmark School?

Learn how parents can make a deposit in the Student Bank. Contact Jean Crane (978) 236-3274 or for questions.

How do I let Landmark School know my child will be absent?

Elementary•Middle School: Call the main office: 978-236-3100
High School: Call the attendance line: (978) 236-3300

What do boarding students do on weekends at Landmark High School?

A variety of activities and outings is offered to students each weekend, including trips to museums in Boston, amusement parks, movies, laser tag, local beaches, community service projects, and more. Learn more about weekend activities.

What do boarding students do in the evenings at Landmark High School?

Boarding students are required to participate in an after-school activity, which can sometimes extend into the early evening. After dinner, students have free time, study hall, clean up, and check in. Bedtime varies by level. Read more details about the daily schedule for residential students.

Does Landmark faculty or staff live in the dorms?

Yes. Each dorm/house at Landmark High School has a live-in houseparent(s) and several faculty members who staff each residence.

Does Landmark School provide transportation?

Landmark School does not provide bus transportation. However, the school offers transportation to and from the Beverly Depot MBTA Commuter Rail station in the morning for Elementary•Middle School students and in the morning and afternoon for High School students. The schedule is subject to change. Check the Newburyport/Rockport line schedule for delays and changes. You can also sign up for text alerts

High School

Morning arrangements can be made by contacting Jean Crane: Students make afternoon arrangements are made through the Student Life office. 

Elementary•Middle School

For morning arrangements, please call or email Leslie Victorine for details and to schedule transportation: 978-236-3110 or

There is no afternoon transportation to train stations. 

Where is the Landmark Dining Menu and how do I use it?

Landmark School's Dining Menu can be found on the High School or EMS Hub Pages. 

Watch the video's below for tips on how to navigate and make the most of both the website dining menu as well as the Touch of SAGE mobile phone app.


Where is the lost and found at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: The Lost and Found box is located in the main lobby.

High School: The Lost and Found box is located outside of the Student Life Office.

Does Landmark have a school store?

Yes. The Store is located on the first floor of Lopardo Lounge on the High School campus. Items sold include Landmark apparel (polo and button-down shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, etc.), toiletries, and school supplies.

The online Store has a limited offering of merchandise that is expanding all the time. Check it out!

I would like to ship items to my high school student. Where can I send packages?

Packages should be sent to:
Landmark School
412 Hale Street
Prides Crossing, MA 01965
Please include your child’s name. There is no need to include the residence hall (dorm) name.


In-person after-school activities and extracurricular athletics are being offered for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

What sports are offered at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: soccer, basketball, cross country, track, baseball, wrestling. Read more about athletics at EMS.
High School: soccer, cross country, golf, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, swimming, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, track and field, sailing. Read more about athletics at the High School.

Are students required to participate in sports at Landmark School?

Elementary•Middle School: No, students are not required to play a sport.
High School: Students are not required to participate in competitive athletics. However, there is a physical education requirement, but this can be satisfied in a number of ways.

Do students at Landmark School try out for competitive athletics?

Elementary•Middle School: No, any student who wants to play a sport makes the team.
High School: There are evaluations for JV and varsity teams.  JV teams have a no-cut policy.

What schools does Landmark compete against in sports?

Elementary•Middle School students compete against:

  • Brimmer and May
  • Brookwood
  • Convenant Christian Academy
  • Fenn
  • Glen Urqhart
  • Lexington Christian Academy
  • Park School
  • Pike School
  • Shore Country Day School
  • Tower School
  • Waldorf School at Moraine Farm
  • Waring School


High School: Boys compete in the Eastern Independent League:

  • Bancroft School
  • Beaver Country Day School
  • Berwick Academy
  • Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall
  • Concord Academy
  • Dana Hall School
  • Newton Country Day School
  • Pingree School
  • Portsmouth Abbey School

Girls compete in the Independent Girls Conference:

  • Brimmer and May School
  • Boston Trinity Academy
  • Cambridge school of Weston
  • Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall
  • Covenant Christian Academy
  • Gann Academy
  • Montrose School
  • Newman School
  • Waring School
  • Winsor School


Are there user fees for team sports at Landmark School?

No. Landmark provides uniforms and absorbs any costs for practice and competition space, as well as transportation.

Supporting Landmark

How can I make a gift to Landmark?

Donations to Landmark come in all forms and sizes. Options include cash, gifts of stock and securities, corporate matching gifts, planned gifts, and in-kind donations to be used for auctions and raffles. Read how you can support Landmark.

How is my gift to Landmark School used?

Your donation or gift provides faculty the tools and training needed to meet each student where they are in the learning process. It sustains and expands our academic and extracurricular programs and campuses to serve future generations of students.

What is the Landmark Fund?

The Landmark Fund is the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising activities. For more than 20 years, the Landmark Fund has provided immediate and flexible dollars where they are most needed. This bridges the gap between tuition income and the cost of running the school. Learn more about the Landmark Fund.

How can alumni get involved at Landmark?

Alumni are invited to a several events throughout the year. Visit out Alumni webpage for more details. 

How can parents get involved at Landmark?

All current parents and guardians are automatically members of the Landmark Parents’ Association (LPA). The purpose of the LPA is to cultivate a strong sense of community and to support Landmark School in its mission to foster an understanding of language-based learning disabilities. The LPA often requests volunteers, donations, and ideas from the parent body and welcomes their ongoing support.

The Office of Advancement also offers programs for current parents, parents of alumni, alumni and friends. Learn about these events.

When is Landmark’s Homecoming?

Homecoming is usually held in October. Check out the Signature Events section of the Events page for details about Homecoming.

When is Landmark’s Spring Concert, Making Waves?

Making Waves is usually held during Spring Parents' Days.  Check out the Signature Events section of the Events page for details about Making Waves.


I am interested in carpooling with other families. How can I find out who lives in my area?

Parents interested in carpooling should complete and return the Landmark Release form included in the registration forms or when you register online. You will receive a copy of the Directory via email periodically throughout the summer.

How can I get to know other Landmark parents?

The Landmark Parents Association (LPA) is an active and engaged group of parents who develop programs to benefit the entire Landmark community. There are several ways to stay connected to your child’s Landmark experience, get involved, and meet other Landmark families. The LPA sponsors monthly meetings and events and produces an email newsletter.