Tot Spot

Childcare at Landmark

Founded in 1983, Tot Spot was developed by a group of parents who were teachers and administrators at Landmark School to provide employees with on-site, high quality childcare. High School students taking Early Childhood Development courses utilize Tot Spot as a living laboratory for their program practicum. Several students have gone on to be early childhood educators or in the early childhood and care field.

Tot Spot Philosophy

Tot Spot is a child-centered program. We recognize the various developmental stages experienced by children as they grow and teach each child according to his/her developmental level and needs. Children learn through play. Therefore, many of our activities are play oriented. Our program offers each child a range of play and learning experiences that foster self-reliance, self-expression, responsibility, and cooperation.

We strive to help each child develop by:

  • Building self-confidence
  • Fostering independence by providing a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Encouraging exploration and discovery
  • Teaching through positive approaches
  • Presenting opportunities for making decisions and choices where natural consequences exist
  • Providing group and individual play
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Providing opportunities for success and confidence in all curriculum areas
  • Encouraging social interaction with peers
  • Providing resources for problem solving

Each child is different. We adapt our objectives to meet individual needs. Our universal goal is to create a warm, nurturing environment where children feel secure and happy. This creates a positive learning experience.

To contact Tot Spot, call 978-236-3333 or e-mail

Each year, Tot Spot raises funds to pay for extracurricular activities for the classroom. If you are interested in donating to Tot Spot, you can donate here. Grabbing some items from Amazon? Want to throw in something a little extra for Tot Spot? Use Tot Spot's Amazon Wishlist.

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