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An individualized approach for every student

Veteran Landmark teacher Scott Harlan speaks of how incredibly fun it was to observe and interact with so many fellow teachers in pursuit of the puzzle pieces that comprise these student stories. “I was left with admiration for Landmark’s mosaic of touchstones, an existing array of educators, classes, activities, and possibilities from which each student’s program is drawn and fit into place.” Advisors, tutors, coaches, teachers, and administrators pick out resources or invent new ones from our constellation of time-tested programs, ideas, and methods. A spirit of innovation inspired by each student’s needs is combined with the practical teaching wisdom of seasoned teaching staff and supervisors. The result is a flexible structure adapted to every child based on where they are at that point in time. Reflecting back on this process Scott says, “I’m gratified by the school’s capacity to serve our students well, and also moved by the spirit of can-do collegiality that allows that opportunity and brings us together to renew and extend our community.” 

Scott Blanchette, Scott Harlan, Rob Kahn, Susan Tomases

Winslow Martin

Take a look at five of our students’ individualized programs. 

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Yasmine Demeter

Class of 2027 • Proud, Determined, Friendly

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Sam Sirois

Class of 2024 • Curious, Meticulous, Reflective

Sam Sirois boy smiling


Sunaina “Su” Hoon

Class of 2022 • Motivated, Hard Working, Invested

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Gavin Colby

Class of 2021 • Helpful, Self Aware, Prepared

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Isabella “Bella” Wilkinson-Brennan

Class of 2022 • Driven, Eager, Accountable

Isabella “Bella” Wilkinson-Brennan girl smiling

This article was originally published as the feature article in The Lantern, Fall/Winter 2019-2020.