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2021–2022 Student Council Officers Elected

Friday, September 24, 2021

The results are in! Landmark High School students voted to elect Student Council officers on September 23. Dillon West '24 won the race for president, Ciara Haggerty '21 secured the vice president slot, Rocco Carrieri '22 will serve as treasurer, and Kaitlin Rattray '22 assumes the position of secretary. An impressive 84% of the student body participated in the election.

Candidates bravely delivered campaign speeches in front of the entire study body in the Ansara gym on September 22. They outlined their platforms and highlighted why they are the strongest candidate for the job.  More frequent dress-down days emerged as a common theme of the speeches.

Dillon promised to plan entertaining events on campus for both day and residential students. He emphasized that he'd set realistic goals that could be implemented on campus. "I would love to have a movie night on Alumni Field, where we can all spend time together and hang out while eating snacks and watching movies," he said. "Another thing I would love to do is an ‘order-out day’ where we can order food for the school and have a fun afternoon meal."

Ciara focused on organizing  grade-themed events and expanding dining and social options. "I would work to get more off-campus options for food like pizza, donuts, or ice cream," she said. "I would prioritize also getting Landmark connected with other private schools by having events or dances."

Rocco drew on his past experience and future plans to make the case that he'd be a responsible treasurer, and he promised to increase the number of dress-down days on campus. "This would not be my first or even second time holding a position through work or extra-curricular that involved finance. In addition, my plans for after high school heavily involve money management and finance," he said. "My two main goals as treasurer are to have at least one dress-down day a month compared to every other month and also giving the student body a larger say in what fundraisers the school will hold."

Kaitlin said she'd work to foster a stronger sense of community on campus and cited strong her organizational and note-taking skills. "As a day student, I have found it frustrating that I cannot go in my friend’s dorm rooms or sleepover, like years past. I will bring this up with the administration and urge them to reconsider these measures. It would be my hope to get a dress-down day every other week, and a special lunch once a month," she said. "Finally, I would support class community nights to bring each grade together."

In addition to organizing campus-wide events, the Student Council raises money for organizations near and far, including the Open Door Food Pantry in Gloucester, Beverly Bootstraps, nAGLYDdembe Home Uganda, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH), and many more.

dillon west student council president
Dillon West