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2020 Elementary•Middle School Awards

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the setting of the annual awards ceremony at Landmark Elementary•Middle School, but it didn't dampen the spirit of students, faculty, and presenters. In fact, given the situation, the awards took on larger meaning. Six awards were presented to deserving students on June 9, 2020. 

Christopher Langston Award for Citizenship: Rose werner '24

The Chris Langston Citizenship Award is awarded in memory of Chris Langston. Chris was a pleasant, caring, helpful young man in our community. He was always there to pitch in when needed, always had a smile on his face, and was ready to help. The award is given to the student who has displayed excellent citizenship throughout his or her eighth grade year, contributed to activities, and exhibited great concern for his or her fellow students and the community. 

Max Clayman Compassion Award: McKenzie Burke '24 and Ella Hayward '24

The Max Clayman Compassion Award honors a student who displays an unusual ability to connect to other students—a connection that reflects a natural ability to listen well, to support others, and to display genuine compassion for those from all walks of life. The recipient is a student who naturally incorporates regular acts of kindness and compassion and as a result has made their school a better, more positive place.

Charles Drake Award: Felim Meade '24

The Charles Drake Award honors a student who personifies the strengths Dr. Drake saw in our students when he founded Landmark School. A dyslexic himself, Dr. Drake began Landmark nearly 50 years ago to help students overcome their language-based learning disabilities. Much has changed since then, but his beliefs and methods still form the central core of our teaching at Landmark. When Dr. Drake passed away, the EMS campus decided to maintain the memory of his spirit and his vision by awarding a yearly prize to a student who personifies the innate and characteristic strengths that Dr. Drake envisioned.

Director's Award: Carter Lamb '24

The Director’s Award is presented each year to a student who has enriched the Landmark community by personality and example, someone whose Landmark journey and experience are particularly notable and worthy of celebration.

Overall Student-of-the-Year Award: Sam Sirois '24

The Overall Student of the Year Award is awarded to a middle school student who has consistently met expectations in every subject area: tutorial, language arts, math, science, social students, oral expression/literature, and electives. Teachers nominate students in relation to consistent effort in class, support of peers and role modeling for peers, contributions to discussions and activities, exemplary classwork and homework, acceptance and use of constructive feedback, and demonstration of Respect, Routine, and Responsibility.

After receiving the Student-of-the-Year Award, Sam graciously thanked the faculty in an email. "I am so grateful for how this community has helped me and for everything it has given to me!," he said. "I truly do really appreciate this all and I would like for you to know that!"

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