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2020–2021 Student Council Officers Elected

Friday, September 11, 2020

The results are in! A record 233 Landmark High School students—an impressive 86% participation rate—voted to elect Student Council officers on September 11. Ethan Kerr '21 won the race for president, Nathaniel Smith '21 secured the vice president slot, Ally DeAraujo '21 will serve as treasurer, and Heather Graham '21 assumes the position of secretary.

Candidates presented virtual speeches on September 10, outlining their platforms and explaining what makes them the strongest candidate for the job. 

Ethan stressed the need to be united during a school year that looks and feels different from years past. "We are going to build a Landmark community that is more united, more a family than ever," he said. "We are going to have campus events on campus so we can see each other and interact, and create that bond that we hold dear."

Nathaniel's speech focused on improving and expanding the dining options on campus and modifying the dress code. "I feel you should be able to wear whatever you want," he said. Citing long lines in the cafeteria that limit dining time, Nathaniel said he'd work with the administration to extend lunch periods and to allow students to drive off campus for lunch. 

Ally drew on her fundraising, accounting, and money management skills to make the case that she'd be a responsible treasurer. "I am interested in learning how you, the student body, wants to spend the money we raise this year," she said. "I will work to spend the money in order to make our time at Landmark more fun."

Heather acknowledged the inconvenience of wearing a mask for eight periods a day and promised to work with the administration to offer students more outdoor programming. "I recognize that safety needs to be the number one priority. However, I would work with the administration to encourage outside learning activities that keep the students socially distant, and also increase mask breaks." She also said she would propose selling goodie bags of candy and cookies for $2 to raise money for the school and holding monthly special lunches for each grade.

In addition to organizing campus-wide events, the Student Council raises money for organizations near and far, including the Open Door Food Pantry in Gloucester, Beverly Bootstraps, nAGLYDdembe Home Uganda, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH), and many more.

ethan kerr
Ethan Kerr '21