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Gavin Colby

Class of 2021 • Helpful, Self Aware, Prepared

Gavin is an 11th grader at Landmark from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, who has excelled in the Expressive Language program since he arrived three years ago. As part of a customized approach to his learning profile, Gavin is taking a challenging course load designed to meet his needs. Gavin’s schedule this year includes classes in ecology, reading, language arts, woodworking, and oral expression. 

“Woodworking is my favorite class of the day,” he said, “because I get to work with my hands. I’m a hands-on and visual learner, and Landmark has really supported those skills.” These tactile and visual skills are also practiced in his one-to-one tutorial, where he uses manipulatives and other devices to build words.  

Gavin enjoys his oral expression course, where he is one of only three students. This class is focused on helping students improve their skills and clarity in verbal expression. Through presentations and class discussions, Gavin and his classmates are building the confidence to successfully navigate meaningful conversations. 

When asked about his plan for after high school, Gavin said that he’s “most likely going to a trade school or maybe I’ll end up in a career as an EMT or firefighter. But I’m also interested in woodworking or auto mechanics.” Whatever Gavin decides to do when he graduates, he’ll be well prepared with the skills he’s learned at Landmark. 

As a residential student, Gavin spends more time on campus than some of his peers. “It is basically home for me,” he said. “The only time I leave is when the campus closes down.” By spending so much time here over the past three years, Gavin has established himself as a leader within the community and is always the first one to jump in to shovel snow and set up or break down from community events. Landmark School and especially the Expressive Language Department are lucky to have him. 

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