student and teacher working with letter tiles

Writing Around the World

Monday, March 25, 2019

landmark school pen palsNearly 30 students in the Elementary•Middle School’s Kids Around the Globe and World Geography classes are corresponding with kids from Belarus, Japan, and Canada. EMS teacher Freddi Triback found the pen pals from Belarus and Canada on the website Postcrossing, and the Japanese program grew out of a relationship between Landmark and a group of Japanese educators who regularly visit our campuses.

Students in Belarus and Japan learn English as a second language, so all correspondence is in English. Ms. Triback had students fill out a form with their age, hobbies, pets, siblings, and favorite foods, and the other teachers matched their students with Landmark’s. Students were given a template for their letters.

Landmark students learned that the school day in Belarus is similar to schools in the U.S. However, schools in Belarus don’t have names. Instead, they are identified by a number.

"I’m so excited about this project. It is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, and I hope the students will continue their correspondences after our school year ends," said Ms. Triback. "Taking the time to write a letter makes what we read and write even more special. Writing letters also helps bridge distances and gives us a quick geography lesson."