Why Giving to the Landmark Fund Is So Important

by Liz George

Making the Case

Fundraising professionals are often asked, "Why should I give to your organization?" and "How can my gift have an impact?" In today’s world where individual fundraisers, local charities, and national causes inundate your inbox and social media profiles, it can be challenging to "make the case" for why your organization deserves support over another. At Landmark, we feel fortunate that it’s an easy case to make.

Donating to Landmark School transforms students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD) into empowered, confident learners. It provides faculty the tools and training needed to meet each student where they are in the learning process. It sustains and expands our buildings and campuses to serve future generations of students. Simply put, philanthropy to Landmark opens doors and changes lives.


Students Experimenting

Students conduct experiments in the state-of-the-art Swalm Science Center thanks to the support of many generous donors.

The Landmark Fund

Essential to this is the Landmark Fund, the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising activities. For more than 20 years, the Landmark Fund has worked behind the scenes to provide immediate and flexible dollars where they are needed. This bridges the gap between tuition income and the cost of running the school.

In 2017 the Landmark Fund raised more than $1 million for the first time in the school’s history, from 1,200 contributions. This new annual goal of $1 million will help realize the full potential of our faculty and students, ensure the sustainability of our facilities and programs, and help us achieve our long-term vision.Donor Pie Chart

Who Gives and How Much?

Many donors support the school as a way of giving back to a place that has given them so much. Others wish to honor an inspiring faculty or staff member, celebrate a milestone, or invest in Landmark’s future. Donors are alumni, parents, grandparents, board members, faculty and staff members, foundations, corporations, and friends.

No Gift Is Too Small

Contributions to Landmark come in all forms and sizes, and each gift has meaningful impact. In addition to making an outright gift, members of the Landmark community can support the Landmark Fund by attending a fundraising event, volunteering with the Alumni Council or Parents’ Association, or by hosting an event in their region.  

How Can You Make an Impact?

Make a gift to the Landmark Fund in the amount that is most meaningful to you.

• Attend one of our fundraising events throughout the year.

• Run the Homecoming 5K.

• Donate an item for an auction or raffle prize.

• Volunteer for the Landmark Parents’ Association.

• Join the Alumni Council to stay connected to Landmark today.

Come visit the Advancement Office and share your ideas. We are located in the Drake Administration Building and would love to hear from you!

Who are Landmark donors?

charlotte goff landmark school alumni

First Time Givers

Charlotte Goff '07

“I give because I would not be the person I am today if I had not attended Landmark. I am very proud to be part of this community.”

Mark and Karen Nichols Landmark Parents

Current Parents

Mark and Karen Nichols P'25

“We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Landmark Fund because it provides the necessary financial assistance to help Landmark carry out its mission. We can see the impact daily when our daughter returns home from school with a smile and a growing sense of self-confidence from reaching her educational and social potential.”


Parents of Alumni and Current Grandparents

John and Shiela Demers P’00, GP’19

“We are supporters of Landmark because it provides the educational, emotional, and social skills to help a student thrive as well as the family as a whole. As parents of an alumni and now grandparents of a student, we can see how our granddaughter has grown into a confident person because of the support of all the wonderful teachers and staff.”

Michael and Ann Sherman Past Landmark Parents

Long Time Givers

Michael and Ann Sherman P'90

“We support Landmark because we know firsthand the transformative impact a Landmark education had on our son, Scott ’90. Our commitment helps ensure that all Landmark students reach their highest potential both as learners and as members of their community.”

deirdre mulligan landmark school teacher

Landmark Faculty

Deirdre Mulligan

“I give to Landmark as a way to show my commitment to the students and the mission of our organization. The people that make up the community are like family and I’d do anything for my family. Giving to the Landmark Fund is my small way of showing my support to everyone in that community.”