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Wellness Week

Thursday, March 7, 2019

During the week leading up to the High School March break, students were encouraged to strap on their sneakers, whip up a green smoothie, and take time each day to practice mindfulness. Wellness Week is a new initiative organized by high school faculty members, John Michaud and Lauren Torres. “The goal is to help students develop an interest in and strategies to support their physical, mental, and emotional health”, said Torres. The idea came from a conversation she had with Michaud about how challenging it can be to get students to enthusiastically participate in physical education classes. The two fitness enthusiasts planned the week with the goal of getting students to recognize the benefits of healthy choices and buy-in to establishing some healthy habits.

Study Skills teacher Lindsay Banks and Science teacher Jennifer Kuhns co-teach a health and wellness class and worked with the PE and marketing departments to help students distill some of what they learned to generate a series of posters promoting health (see below). Other faculty members filled out health and wellness questionnaires sharing their views on exercise, diet, managing stress, and more (see links below). Torres and Michaud sent out helpful links to fitness tracking and meditation apps as well as myths and facts about health and wellness. Afterschool activities held during the week included a three-on-three basketball game and a 40-yard dash competition. 

Students are heading in to their vacation fueled with information, insight, and hopefully inspiration to get and stay healthy over the break and throughout the year. 

Meet some of our High School faculty members and learn about how they stay healthy: 

Bill Barrett
Scott Blanchette​
Michelle Boucher
Mary Guinee
Chris Hunt
Kathleen Kiely
Kate Kinsman
Betty Tremblay
Steve Walcowicz
Christine Vander Werf

Selected posters courtesy of the High School Health and Wellness class:
Thank you Bella, Clyde, Josh, Lucy, MacKenzie, Nick, and Violet