landmark high school student and teacher in lab

Use Multisensory Approaches in Remote Learning Chemistry

Friday, June 5, 2020

by Ms. Scanlon

During remote learning students in one of our chemistry classes went on a scavenger hunt to collect various items. This assignment encouraged students to use a multi-sensory approach to deeper their understanding that chemistry is all around us! After learning about elements, atoms, and the periodic table students were then asked to identify what element(s) are in the items and label them. The students took a picture of their work and uploaded it to share during class. Below are two examples of work students submitted! In these pictures, students found copper pipes, identified carbon in their countertop, identified the elements in an orange, identified a copper penny, and many more items! 

Image 1: Maddie found a copper pipe, a battery containing zinc, a granite countertop containing carbon, a frying pan containing iron, and oxygen found in the air. 
items on table with elements chemistry

Image 2: Jack found trident white gum contains aluminum and calcium, himalayn pink salt is made from the compound NaCl, a spring made from zinc, a penny containing copper, an orange with potassium, sodium, and many more elements, and a quarter containing nickel.​
items on table with elements chemistry