student and teacher working with letter tiles

Sun Shines on EMS Day

Friday, May 24, 2019

ems day 2019After weeks of cold, rainy weather, the sun shone brightly on Friday, May 24, EMS Day. Students were energized by the engaging activities and the spring-like weather. Dozens of workshops kept the students busy throughout the fun-filled day. Activities included caramel making, car building, boxing, board breaking, fairy houses, and many more!

"EMS Day is a celebration to recognize all the hard work students have done this year," said Tara Joly-Lowdermilk, the assistant dean of students. "Students come together as community in workshops led by faculty and staff they don't normally work with."

Leo Redford '23 led a workshop on boxing. He explained the rules and history of boxing, and demonstrated a move or two. Louis Farrah '26 proudly displayed the car he built. "I'm going to modify it so I can race it," he said.