Landmark Summer Program students in wetsuits

EMS Summer Parents' Day


Parents' Day FAQs

The poetry recital, lunch, and parent-teacher conferences will all take place in the Meeting Room, Dining Room, and main lobby area at different times throughout the day. As always, Peter Harris, Program Director, Kirk Swanson, Dean of Students, Claire Sullivan, Language Arts/Structure Department Head, and Karl Pulkkinen, Public School Liaison will be available to answer questions and concerns as they arise. We look forward to seeing you on Parents' Day!

Q: Can siblings and extended family members of my Landmark student attend Parents' Day?
A: Unfortunately, due to space limitations and a lack of supervision on the part of the school, we ask that only parents/guardians attend.

Q: When will parent-teacher conferences be held?
A: The schedule for the full-day is posted below.

Q: Will parking be available on campus?
A: Yes! Faculty and staff will park on Route 127 to make room at the top of the hill on campus for parent parking. Please avoid parking in fire lanes.

Q: Can my Landmark student leave campus early on Parents Day?
A: Yes. Students are free to leave after 11:15 a.m. Please communicate transportation plans with the main office, 978-236-3100

Q: What will my Landmark student be doing while I am conferencing?
A: Students enrolled in afternoon activities: Explorations or Creations, will be with their groups for a final day of activities on campus. Half-day academic students are invited to stay on campus in supervised groups to watch a movie or play games. Parents can pick up their children from these groups when they have finished conferencing.

EMS Parents' Day Schedule
















Your student(s) will be dismissed from their activities on campus or afternoon program after your last conference of the day.