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EMS Summer Academics

The Academic Program builds language skills through small classes, customized curriculum, and a daily one-to-one tutorial.

Language Arts Tutorial

The cornerstone of the Landmark approach, the daily one-to-one tutorial, offers each student an individualized curriculum developed by an academic advisor and the tutor. With goals created for each student, this time is invaluable. Areas of instruction may include:

  • Phonemic awareness (for same/different, number, and order of sounds)
  • Linguistic patterns (understanding word families)
  • Spelling principles
  • Oral reading fluency (appropriate rate and accuracy while reading orally)
  • Comprehension (of vocabulary, main ideas, details, etc.)
  • Written expression

Language Arts

Working in small groups, this writing class emphasizes the development from oral to written expression. Language arts and writing skills are taught with techniques that combine theme-centered and structured linguistic approaches. Structured sentence and paragraph frames are used to improve students' ability to visually organize materials and patterns. Students are placed in classes according to ability, with appropriate peers.

Language Structure/Literature

The Language Structure/Literature class has three components:

  • Language structure: An extension of the student's daily one-to-one tutorial
  • Oral expression skills: Students listen to and read poetry, discuss the rhyme and meter of selected poems, and work on memorization skills.
  • Analyzing and evaluating literature: Students read or listen to literature and discuss topics such as plot, theme, setting, and characterization.

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