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Study Skills in the Real World

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Study Skills Danielle Figueira

Landmark Study Skills classes for seniors are conducting a unit called "Study Skills in the Real World." Guest speakers come in to share about their work and the skills they use to get the job done. Students take notes, ask questions, and make connections between the professional's experiences and what they have been learning in class. Study skills classes learn about how to manage time, materials and information.

A Lecture from a Young Professional

Last week, Danielle Figueira, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement at Landmark School, gave a talk about her work. She talked about how she evolved in her professional life, drawing on both positive and negative experiences to find a job that fit her passions and personality. She also talked about the cadence of her day and how she tracks and prioritizes her workload.

Stop Light To Do List

A big take-away for the students was Danielle’s Stop Light to-do list. Using a running Google doc, she color codes urgent items red, important tasks yellow, and lower priorities green. This strategy resonated with students and they reflected on how they could use it in their lives as they leave Landmark.


Danielle also talked about the soft skill of problem-solving and how every problem has to be solved a different way. Danielle works closely with people every day. She stressed the importance of taking ownership of problems or mistakes and being able to spin them into something positive.

Structuring Time

Another strategy students identified with was how to self-structure time. Life in school is regimented with classes to go to and assignments given. However, in work life, professionals often have to design their own tasks and schedule their time. To help students create systems to structure time after graduation, Danielle shared how she blocks off time on her calendar to work on specific tasks, especially those that are high priority. She allots herself specific time so that she can get to all the tasks that need to be accomplished that day.

Students were thankful to hear about Danielle's experience and how they can get a jump start on making sure they are successful using study skills outside of Landmark.