student and teacher working with letter tiles

Students Get Back in the Groove

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Landmark students are off and running! We welcomed 455 students to both of our campuses and are eager to begin our 47th year.

High School
Last week, day and residential students returned, parents met with Academic Advisors and other key staff members, and everyone was engaged in ice-breaking activities that got them reacquainted and quickly brought new students into the fold.

Highlights of the high school orientation program included a lightning-fast game of Simon Says lead by Dean of Students Robb Genetelli, performances by the acclaimed pianist and his group, George Russell Jr. & Co. who led the students through spiritual music from past to present, a mind-bending presentation by Chinese acrobat Li Liu, Landmark's version of A Minute to Win It competition (picture students tumbling around in a 9' beach ball as just one of the challenges...), a moving and at times hysterical presentation by ImprovBoston, and so much more. Residential students retreated to a camp in New Hampshire for some bonding time while day students remained on campus to complete the orientation activities. Today offered a full day of classes where students got back in the groove with classes and a full complement of afternoon activities.

Elementary•Middle School
At the Elementary•Middle School we welcomed 165 students to our Manchester-by-the-Sea campus today -- our largest group ever. Students cycled through a range of activities including painting their "foundation stone" that will rest along our koi pond in the courtyard. The rocks were painted with an intention for the coming year. Students had their school photo taken, took tours of campus, set goals, the 8th grade met to discuss their leadership program, and students left feeling prepared to begin a full day of classes tomorrow. 

Although summer at Landmark School is busy with programs for students, professional development courses for educators, and training for new and returning faculty members, there's nothing better than starting the school year off fully enrolled with students eager to learn and grow.