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Student Council Officers Elected

Friday, September 14, 2018

The results are in! Landmark students voted to elect Student Council officers on September 13. Gillian Garvey won the race for president, Joseph Membrino secured the vice president slot, and Ethan Kerr will serve as treasurer.

Candidates bravely delivered speeches in Ansara on September 12, outlining their platform and explaining what makes them the strongest candidate for the job. 

gillian garvey landmark school student council presidentGillian highlighted her leadership experienced and proposed a project to reduce food waste at Landmark.

"I want to be a voice for ALL students. I am confident in my abilities and have experience working with Landmark Administration, so I’m not afraid to present your ideas and make our voices heard," she said. "And, of course, like every Student Council President before me has attempted, I too will work to loosen the dress code and make our cafeteria food better. "

Joseph drew on his comfort communicating students' concerns and requests to the administration. "I am an active listener and will be your voice to the administration of Landmark,"  he said. He also promised to pursue improving the offerings in vending machines on campus. 

Ethan said one of his priorities is to improve meeting areas on campus. "We will work closely with the administration to investigate whether it is possible to improve public places on campus, such as Lopardo Lounge," he said. "Vending machines and a pool table are two additions that could improve the student experience in Lopardo Lounge, and I am ready to have conversations with the Residential Deans to see if improvements like this could become a reality."