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Student Athletic Council

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

By Greta Wright 20’

Landmark Athletics Council Founders

From my first year as an eighth grader at Landmark High School, athletics has been a huge part of my school experience; the creation of the Student Athletic Council is an extension of my desire to continue to participate, enjoy, and succeed in sports.

Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to backpack in Europe with 11 other high school juniors and seniors. These kids were from around the United States and went to all different kinds of schools. During long hikes we talked a lot. Often our conversations were about our schools, the good and the bad. During one conversation, a friend explained to us about the student athletic council at her school. She told us about what the council did and the events they planned. I kept thinking this would be a beneficial program for Landmark, and a great fit for our community. When I returned home, this idea was still lingering in the back of my mind. After looking at some websites of schools with student athletic councils, I shared my idea with Merryl Green, who agreed this would be great idea for Landmark. We drafted a proposal letter and sent it to the head track and field coach and head girls soccer coach, who provided feedback and showed their support for this idea. We then sent a letter to Athletic Director Brook Sumner and the rest of the Athletic Department. In this letter we presented the objectives of a student athletic council and proposed starting one at our school. The two main objectives were to increase school spirit and give students a voice within the Athletic Department.

Now, half-way through the school year, we have created a small group of student athletes who help plan pep rallies and sporting events, such as the Color-Out. Most recently, we hosted a presentation by a Landmark teacher called “Kind of Athlete to Marathon Finisher” in which the presenter talked about her experience training for a marathon. We had over 20 students show up to listen to her presentation.

In the fall we hosted a SPIRIT week leading up to the homecoming weekend. And after learning a lot from the planning of the fall pep rally, we are now excited to begin planning the winter pep rally that will be mid-February. Additionally, we have kept open discussions with the Athletic Department about student athletes "wants," such as including a girl’s soccer game along with the boy’s soccer game during homecoming weekend. We have also been able to educate student athletes about some of the challenges the Athletic Department faces that have not been well understood in the past. Merryl and I hope that the Student Athletic Council continues and grows to be an integral and positive part of the Athletic Department and the student-athlete experience at Landmark.