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Stories of Caring

Members of the Landmark community are paying their caring forward in countless ways. Want to share your story of caring? Or highlight someone who has cared for you? Email and we can include your story on this webpage.


Message of Thanks to Landmark Teachers

Landmark families and students give a big "Thank You" to our amazing Landmark faculty and staff.


Message to Landmark Class of 2020

Landmark faculty and staff give a shout-out and message of caring to Landmark's Class of 2020.


We Miss You, EMS!

Landmark Elementary•Middle School faculty and staff miss their students. Watch this shout-out!

more video greetings from our community

Ann Andrew P'24

Nick Dalton '20

Chhu Family

Milo's Landmark Cares Artwork

Gabby Pecoraro '07

Andrew Ruocco '24

Ariana Slome '11

Gwei Strong-Allen '18

Violet Tetel '21


A Poem by Renata Markuns '25

Landmark cares for our students 

At school we learn 
Never give up
Dreams come your way
Mr. Swanson helps us if we need help
At morning meeting we relax as we start our day
Reading is important at Landmark
Kindness only at Landmark not harm

Caring for our students make them work harder
At Landmark we have a lot of fun 
Running in the gym as a warm up is very helpful
EMS is the best school
School is helpful for when we get older 



Marianne Rutter, widow of beloved Landmark EMS Teacher Matthew Rutter would like everyone to know that Mr. Rutter is with us in spirit on Landmark Cares Day!

 Matthew Rutter_1  














Face Mask Donations

My dad, Dr. Ronald Plotka, DDS, of Marblehead, and his company Doctor Plotka's Mouthwathers, a fantastic toothbrush company, is thrilled he was able to donate a total of 5,000 masks to Franciscan Children's Hospital in Boston, All Care VNA, Hospice & Home Care Services, Landmark School, and others in need to keep the staff and patients safe during this challenging time. -Tammy Hood P'28


A Trader Joe's Superhero

I became ill with COVID-19 in early March, and shortly after my husband became ill as well. Our family, including our two young daughters, were in strict isolation/quarantine for over four weeks! During that time friends, family and neighbors cared for us by delivering food, essential items, and well wishes. I want to personally thank Danielle Figueira, director of Alumni and Parent Engagement, for standing in a crazy long line at Trader Joe's to bring groceries (including my all time favorite salsa!) to our family. #Landmarkcares -Brittany Kenney, Director of Leadership Giving



Landmark Tot Spot teacher, Anita Schwechheimer, has been busy making masks for the Landmark community—and beyond! WATCH HER VIDEO MESSAGE HERE, and email her at if you need a mask. 



EMS Student Liam Symmes has been caring for the community by  creating cheerful and optimistic drawings and paintings for patients at Melrose-Wakefield hospital, where his mom works, to help lift their spirits while they are in the hospital. Here is a photo of all of the amazing pictures they collected, laminated and then hung around the hospital to brighten spirits!














Leominster manufacturer donates supplies to local hospital, first responders

Jim Duffy's company donated supplies to local hospitals in need. Read more about the donation here.


Student turns project into mode of inspiring self-reflection and action

Jake Lunder Strand BeastMy name is Jake Lunder '21, and I am currently a junior at Landmark. My artistic passion is to use laser cutters and 3D printers to create. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have not been able to complete my Strand Beast that I have been working on in STEAMworks with Mr Chamberlain. I have a lot of free time now and I was inspired to take the time to create something. I had to start thinking outside the box as I don’t have the tools and materials at home that I have access to at Landmark. I found some plywood, string, and my dad’s power tools in my basement and started to think about what I could make with those materials. I drilled 500 holes into the wood in a circular pattern and laced over a kilometer of string.

I created a sense of tension in the string which reflects the tension in today’s pandemic atmosphere. One string alone would not be able to keep the piece together, but when every string works together it becomes a possibility. I view each strand as an essential worker that is helping our community survive during this current pandemic. My piece is not finished yet. Eventually, it will have mirrors so when you look into the piece it will look back at you and asks you to reflect if you are doing your part in the pandemic. —Jake Lunder '21



Song for the Times, sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine

When the school
where I would learn
Was closed down
to quarantine
The rooms went dark
the halls are bare
No one
is anywhere

We all live in a Covid quarantine
A Covid quarantine
A Covid quarantine

We miss the laughs
we used to have
The good old times
with friends and staff
Now we learn
stuck in our rooms
Google classroom
and on Zoom

We all live in a Covid quarantine
A Covid quarantine
A Covid quarantine

Advisors call
to check in
And help us if
we're  in a jam
Level four
is out the door
my room's a mess
Can't see the floor
Then my mom
she yells at me
but I don't care
'cause I'm 15

We all live in a Covid quarantine
A Covid quarantine
A Covid quarantine



My son had to write an essay for his new high school (not Landmark) and submit it virtually on why he wanted to attend this particular school. Writing was never his forte. I asked him how it went. He said “Great! Thank goodness for Landmark! They taught me everything about writing essays and stuff and it made it so easy. I’m totally prepared for high school, Mom.“



Many thanks to the Landmark Facilities Department for sharing this STUNNING VIDEO of Landmark from the air.



EMS student, Blake Matthews, has been on the frontline responding to the COVID-19 emergency by volunteering at KidSmart.  KidSmart is an educational organization in St. Louis, MO, founded by Blake’s mom. Throughout each school year, KidSmart equips 75,000 students, who live in poverty, with millions of essential school supplies, all for free, to ensure all St. Louis kids in need have the educational tools they must have in order to learn and succeed in school.

Since March 15, 2020, KidSmart has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by distributing $1.5 million in emergency school supply kits to equip 36,000 St. Louis kids in need, so that they too are able to continue learning at home. Way to go Blake!


Message of Thanks from The Wiedemanns P'22

Oliver Wiedemann arrived home to Idaho on March 6. He was full of enthusiasm for literature, after Mr. Melville’s class studied The Great Gatsby.  He had plans to get presents from Idaho to bring back to all his teachers. And best of all, he is a confident and interested young man, thanks to the incredible care, knowledge and empathy that all the teachers and staff at Landmark School have given him in the past 6 months!

We cannot thank you enough for the gift you have given our son. If only we could return and give the same to you, we would. You have changed his life forever, in a positive exciting direction. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We send love and gratitude to you all!

Edith, Jano, and especially Oliver Wiedemann '22



Thank you so much to all the teachers who have shared your talents with our daughter Sabine. Landmark School is truly a gift helping students succeed and regain their confidence. We look forward to returning whenever that may be.


Message of Thanks from The Jacksons P'20

We are grieving the loss of our daughter's Senior Spring, but we were also so fearful of never being able to say "thank you" in person.  We are grateful for this Landmark Cares Day to share our appreciation and gratitude.  

To each and every faculty and staff member, THANK YOU!  Thank you for giving Lydia a life we never imagined she would have.  Thank you for filling a gaping hole that was affecting our entire family.  Thank you for caring for her and loving her.  Thank you for teaching her to love herself.  Thank you for pushing her; for structure, routine and discipline. Thank you for giving her a voice.  Thank you for your time.  One million thank you's!  

With profound gratitude,

Whit, Christine and Clare Jackson



Dear Ms. Howard,

Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping my son discover his passion for graphic design. I really appreciate your encouragement and assistance in helping him achieve his goal of studying this in college.

Dear Ms. Mauer,

Thank you for creating a fun atmosphere for the drama kids to express themselves. My son found a welcoming home in the black box and felt a great sense of camaraderie; both of which provided a foundation for building his self-esteem. He will carry these memories with him always.

Dear Ms. Zaralides,

Freshman year you were handed a skeptical tutee. Through your patience, love, innovation, understanding, and passion you were able to convince him to take some risks and instill a sense of confidence so that he could progress. Thank you for making such a difference in his life! 

Dear Ms. Kent,

Thank you for all your help in assisting my son to achieve his goals. He found a sympathetic ear, an advocate, and appreciated the guidance you gave him.