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Spring 2021 Parents' Days Resources

Welcome to Spring 2021 Parents' Days. We are excited to share updates from the High School campus and examples of student work, activities, and reflections on a challenging yet gratifying school year.

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Headmaster Bob Broudo welcomes parents and provides a brief campus update in a video message.

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Head of the High School Bill Barrett kicks off Parents' Days with a video message.

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Class of 2021 Post-Secondary Acceptances

Understanding Financial Aid

Thursday, April 29, 6:00–7:00 p.m.
Open to ALL current High School parents.
Experts in financial aid will speak about the financial aid process. Their presentation will address strategies and information that apply to any post-secondary educational institution.  Register

Junior Parent Workshop

Watch this recording if you missed the Junior Parent Workshop on April 1.

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Department heads feature a recent project or assignment and provide examples of student work.

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Take a look at the stunning work of students in Visual Arts and Woodworking classes.

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More than 150 students participated in a variety of virtual extracurricular activities over the winter. Read about the activities and see highlights of each.

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Film Club

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Students were asked to write about how they have weathered the past year as students during the COVID-19 pandemic. They thoughtfully and eloquently answered the following questions:

  • What's working for you this year?
  • What have you enjoyed? 
  • What's hard about this year?
  • What do you miss?
  • What have you learned about yourself this year? 
  • What do you think you will remember from this year?

Dylan A, grade 10 day student, 2 years at Landmark

I’ve enjoyed:

  • Being in school and having help from my teachers in person.
  • Having friends around. 
  • Not a heavy workload.
  • I’m happy that sports are starting, which will allow more friendships to be made.

What's hard about this year?

  • I don’t enjoy taking the van to school everyday. 
  • Some teachers don't understand situations that students are having.
  • Remote tutorial is difficult.
  • It’s hard not having the reassurance that everyone was tested.

What do you miss?

  • I miss seeing my boarding friends and interacting with one another.

What have you learned about yourself this year?

  • I learned that I can push myself to do better in my classes.
  • I am a hard worker.

What do you think you will remember from this year?

  • A lot of topics from science.
  • I hate masks.
  • It’s super hard not being a boarder.
Alejandra A-M, grade 10 fully remote, 2 years at Landmark

This year a few things are working for me, like getting extra sleep and having breakfast with my mom. I’m enjoying lots of projects and not as much homework. Projects allow more time off screen and hands-on learning.

There are many hard things about this year. I miss being with the other students and the class vibe. Also, working online is hard in the sense that you are on your screen the whole time and it can be tiring and frustrating. Finally, I miss the in-person social experience like the conversation that goes on in between classes and at lunch. 

As a student with ADHD, it is harder to be in a remote class because at home there are more distractions than in a regular classroom. I have to try harder to focus than in a normal class. 

I will remember that I did not have the bonding experience in person with my school friends. For example, I missed out on playing tennis with a team.

Dillon B, grade 10 day student, 4 years at Landmark

Going to Landmark High School during Covid-19 has had its pros and cons. There have been a lot of things that have worked for me and also a few things that I enjoyed. One thing that I learned is that I am able to keep my patience through such a tough time. A thing that I enjoyed is having remote days, so when I finish school I am able to hang out with town friends. Another thing that I enjoyed is being able to have a baseball season at Landmark, even if it's short.

Even though there are a lot of things I enjoyed, there still are a lot of things I miss and that were tough. Seeing people in masks is a really hard thing because I like to see people's smiles and facial reactions. It’s also hard to maintain focus during online school since it's so exhausting. Another thing that I miss is the buffet meals because I like to get my own serving sizes. I also miss being able to stay over in the dorms the night before Saturday school. 

I have learned a lot about myself during this time. One thing that I learned is that I need social interaction. I also learned that even though the precautions are hard, I did it and was extremely proud of myself. 

There are a lot of things that I am going to remember from this year. One thing I'm going to remember is all the precautions that everyone had to take. I will also remember online school and that it got really boring. I will also remember that Landmark gave me the feeling of being safe this whole year.

Max C, grade 11 fully remote, 2 years at Landmark

What’s working for me this year is being able to still be able to communicate and ask questions even though I'm online. Also being able to make food in my kitchen for lunch is very nice. I have enjoyed not having to commute the 45-90 minutes to school and back.  

Some things that are hard about this year is that I miss being able to socialize with my friends during and between classes. I miss walking up and down the hill and talking to Annie. I also miss being able to walk everywhere instead of being stuck in a chair. 

I have learned a lot about myself this year, but some of the bigger things would be that I am able to adapt to these new circumstances. I also miss going to school and after-school activities. Most of my social life has also been deleted as well. 

I will remember the good with the bad and how we as a species will become stronger because of what happened here. I will remember the SAT/ACTs as well as debate and history class.

Joe G, grade 10 fully remote, 2 years at Landmark, plus a summer

What has worked for me this year is a simple daily routine that keeps me going. Having a bit of structure can really help. With that, another important thing is organization. My setup is messy, yet organized. The last thing that really worked this year is spending as much time as I can with friends online. Most of my friends are in Massachusetts, so it’s not like I’m gonna fly up there from New Mexico. I meet up with them in online calls. The other thing I’ve enjoyed this year is classes, mainly Coding, Tutorial, Marine Science, and Film Literature. The combination of fascinating topics and brilliant teachers made for some unforgettable moments.

There have been a lot of difficulties around this past school year. The main ones revolve around isolation, the lack of social interaction through in-person classes, the ease of time slipping away, and how days can all feel so similar. The other part is online learning in another state. I have to get up at 5:00 a.m., and there is a vast amount of distractions at home. The isolation makes the classes horrendously draining. What kept me going was the promise of another year at Landmark. I miss the dorm, the people, Dungeons and Dragons club, and most of all I miss my friends that I made there. It’s a little easier to move forward remembering what lies at the other end of the seemingly endless tunnel that has been this year. 

What I learned about myself is how tough I really can be when push comes to shove, how I manage myself, the power of attitude, the cost of endurance without a break, and more about my writing. I can be a dedicated and invested student even when the pressure is all the way up. I hadn’t fully understood that until this year. Next is self-management. I've learned how I naturally and properly self-manage. I also learned the power of attitude. Your attitude can determine how you work that day, how well you pay attention, etc., so it’s important to keep track of your emotions and try to be positive without ignoring why you feel like you do. Next was a hard one. The cost of endurance without a break. Something happened in my personal life that had really hit me hard, so from August to December I didn’t let myself have much of a break. My sister saw me fall apart slowly and basically forced me to get a puppy. It was hard work to raise the dog, but it really helped my mental state. It allowed me to truly have a break. Even still the effects of a lack of break had shown to have a negative impact on my health. I learned to make sure I’m truly giving myself a break. Lastly, I learned more about my writing. I learned a lot about how much I enjoy writing and more about my style as a writer. 

A couple of things that will stay with me. One minor thing that will stay with me would be the 5:00 a.m. wake-up. I won’t forget my classes. Even with the added difficulty of online learning, I enjoyed most of my classes and they have in their own ways have left a mark. The next thing I don’t think anyone will forget is the chaos that was current events these past couple of years. I don’t think I have to get into it. Lastly, the time I virtually spent with friends. I have made so many unforgettable memories with them that I’m sure the sands of time won’t bury them.

Sofia H, grade 9 hybrid student, 1 year at Landmark

This year was full of ups, downs, and challenges, but I would say that it was the staff and the people who worked together to make it such a great year for students in such a hard time. Things that helped me out this year were knowing that coming to Landmark I’m safe, and my teachers are truly amazing. The teachers really helped me understand whatever I was learning by really breaking the subject down even while I was remote. I enjoyed the cookouts that we had and the fun activities, like the costume contest. I also loved all of the after-school activities and that I got a chance to experience them. What was challenging this year is having to wear masks and a very long bus ride to and from school, which makes me get home late and do my homework at a later time. I also miss being able talk to someone and read their emotions because masks make it hard to understand how they are reacting. This year, I learned that anything is possible and that I can be independent and go to school even during a pandemic. I'll remember all the good times and memories that I shared with new friends and teachers. 

Sydney J, grade 10 day and remote student, 6 years at Landmark

Over the course of the new COVID year at Landmark, there have been many things I have enjoyed. I was able to work on my computer skills since tutorials and almost all my work have been online. I got to learn new platforms, such as JamBoard and Kami. Another thing that has been highly enjoyable, is that the art department gave everyone art equipment to have and keep. This makes things way easier, and you can practice different styles from home. In addition, teachers have been more calm and understanding about what is happening with this crazy year. Teachers have not been as strict with work, which adds a little bit of relief. To wrap up, Landmark's new lunch setup is quite different from years past. You can sit in the cafeteria surrounded by plexiglass, eat outside under the tent, or take your food wherever you like outside. These are some of the things I find delightful about this year at Landmark. 

There are many things I miss from before COVID times. To start off, I miss the closeness of being with people and being allowed to be in groups. I would always hangout after school with my friends. We would get food, do homework or study together, or just walk around and watch the sunset. Finally, one thing I miss academically is not having a normal tutorial. Sitting in a classroom with you and just a teacher is way better than being online while in a room with 6 or 7 other students all talking at once. It's also hard when reading because everyone can hear you. These are some things I miss about the campus, but there are some things I have learned about myself and things I will definitely remember.  

I learned that I can adjust to a new way of life. With all the precautions, such as being 6-feet apart, in plexiglass boxes, and having hand sanitizer around every corner, people are just doing what's right. In addition, a few things I will remember about this year are the masks, the terrifying price of hand sanitizer, the collecting of mass amounts of toilet paper, a lockdown or two, and finally a vaccine that can help everyone. It's been a crazy year but I'm glad people still can come to Landmark and have a sort of  “normal” again.

Aliyah K, grade 12 day student, 3 years at Landmark

This year, I enjoy being a senior and being able to spend time with my friends at school during the time we have left. I feel like the students at Landmark are a lot more grateful for school this year than they have been in the past because we all feel really lucky to actually be on campus. 

I miss sitting and eating lunch with my friends without having to yell because of the plexiglass. I also miss seeing everyone at school everyday instead of seeing half of my classmates on Google Meet.

I learned that I’m not good at online learning because there are too many distractions in my house. I had a really difficult time adjusting to remote school last year and I’ve realized that it’s because it’s so much easier to learn when I’m actually at school because it puts me in a better headspace and really helps me focus more. 

I will remember to not take being able to hang out with my friends for granted.

Brendan M, grade 10 day student, 3 years at Landmark

My name is Brendan Murphy and I am a sophomore at Landmark. This school year has been challenging. Something that I am looking forward to this spring is having a lacrosse season. I have enjoyed seeing my friends this year. Something that is hard about this year is not having sports in the fall and winter and not being able to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. During the year, I worked hard to get good grades—I also had a better work ethic than in the past. I will remember this year because I went to school during a pandemic. I am looking forward to next year with the hope that COVID will be gone.

Kiara N, grade 9 fully remote, 1 year at Landmark

The teachers have been supportive and they keep me engaged even though I am not there. I miss seeing people and being around people. It's been hard not being directly in the classroom, but I am getting used to it. I already knew this, but I was reminded that I need social interaction in order to feel energized. This could be face-to-face, FaceTiming, and even texting. I will remember that this year was remote, but it was also easier in some ways because I was home and I had everything right here.

Nicholas N, grade 12 fully remote, 6 years at Landmark

I have enjoyed being online as I am able to do my own thing but still be in school, but I miss not being able to be on campus as much. While being fully remote, I have learned that I am a very independent person.I will remember certain life skills of how to manage my time.

Hannah P, grade 10 day student, 5 years at Landmark

The element that has worked for me this year is not having the uncomfortable dress code like every other year I have been here. Also, having less homework and having more time to socialize safely with friends has been helpful. Another thing that has worked for me is having classes outside when the weather is nice, to see the ocean and to have fresh air. Lastly, having the pop-up ice cream stands, hot cocoa, and fresh cookies in the kitchen has helped us to lighten up our days during this hard time.

There are many things that made this year more difficult for the students and teachers. First, having to keep a social distance from my friends. It's hard to go from seeing some people you were close with to just not seeing them for a year. Another hard part is all the screen time we have during the day. This can make kids have headaches and not put their full attention on class. For instance, last year we could write on the board and collaborate with all of our classmates. The biggest difference is wearing masks all day long. This takes a big part out of socializing with your friends. Another thing about the masks is that we come to this school to learn many things. One thing is to help us read. You can't fully understand what the teacher or student is trying to say because masks can make your speech muffled and unclear to the class, which can make you feel frustrated. Also, last year we got to have breakfast before the school day started. This was one of my favorite things to do before first period because I did not have to wait until milkbreak to eat food and talk to my friends. 

Lunch looks like we are in jail with all the plexiglass. This makes socializing hard and frustrating. For lunch last year, we had a waffle maker and a juice machine, which were very loved by students. Last but not least, we have only one season of sports, which is spring. I personally do not play a spring sport. However, I do play fall and winter at Landmark. There were no sports for me to play for two seasons. This was frustrating for me and many students. A lot of kids need that escape from their school days because school is a long and hard day for many Landmark students. We look forward to practicing and playing games with our teams. They did give an option to do online sports, but for me that is not the same at all. It may have worked for some kids which is great. However, we already look at a computer all day, so to come home and do that all over again is not the best idea. Overall, this year has been hard for everyone, not just at Landmark but worldwide.  Here, we pushed through and stayed on campus and managed to have a decent school year under these circumstances. I for one can't wait for school to be normal again. 

The thing I have learned about myself is that I really miss seeing everyone on campus. I also missed out on things that were very fun last year like sports, after school trips, going to the beach for class and not having restrictions on where or what I can do or not do.

I have learned to appreciate the things we get to do and have now that I have seen what it is like when they are taken away.


Marcus R-P, grade 10 hybrid, 2 years at Landmark

I like being able to spend more time with my family. I enjoy the flexible schedule. When we were in-person my schedule was very regimented. 

Miscommunication with other students and teachers is a lot more prevalent. Not being in the classroom is difficult for my learning. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet my classmates and hang out with them like I did in the dorms. I also miss the after-school help and study hall and the trips we would take while in the dorms. 

I learned a lot more about my strengths and weaknesses this year. I can see how different environments can heavily affect my motivation and ability to learn effectively. It seems that the teachers really do care about us. When we were in school it seemed like they were only there to teach because they had to be here, but I have actually met with teachers during their own time and it is clear they are really dedicated to helping students. I have learned that I am persistent. When I am confused I will take the extra steps to understand things. Before I felt like the teachers would really drive my motivation, but with my added independence I feel like I am the one taking the extra steps to work through things.

I am going to remember all the things that the teachers and staff did to try to make sure the year went by well. The kitchen staff is always trying their best to make the day better. There always seems like there is something to look forward to. It has really left an impression on me that teachers have understood the stressors of COVID and understand that it is OK to take a break every now and then.

William S, grade 9 hybrid, 1 year at Landmark

Some of the things that are really working for me are waking up at a decent time and being in my own comfort zone. I also really enjoyed making new friends when I was on campus. Having teachers coming up with a plan to do fun stuff at home, like experiments and watching movies and mystery shows, has been great too. I miss the exploring and the adventuring. I also miss getting out of my comfort zone. The hard thing about being at home is the noise in the background and the distractions. What I have learned about myself this year is that I can learn and push through some difficult things and be successful in life. And another thing I learned is to take things slowly so I can think about what I'm going to say before I say it. I will never forget the friends I made and the new strategies I learned. I will also never forget the way my room looks because I spend a lot of time sitting here all day and staring at the wall. 

Kyle S, grade 11 day student, 4 years at Landmark

As a student who had been boarding at Landmark, I have really enjoyed being able to experience what it’s like to be a day student, but I miss living in the dorms with all of my friends. I also miss the structure of the residential program. Studying at home is hard, with all the distractions. I have been living in a camper this year to be closer to campus since I live 2.5 hours away in Maine. I am too tall for the bed, and that will be something I won’t miss. The drive to and from home on weekends, especially if the weather is bad, can make the week feel really exhausting. Something that I’ve learned about myself is that I have a hard time focusing in online classes, but I have also learned that I am more capable than I thought.

Laylah T, grade 12 fully remote, 2 years at Landmark

A major part of what got me through the year were my advocating skills, telling the teachers when I felt like I was falling behind, assessing any work I missed, and knowing my limits. Something I have enjoyed is being able to say I got through this year. 

The hardest part would definitely be the emotional aspect of this year altogether and the feeling of missing out on campus activities, when you know how much you love it. I miss the entire dorm experience and the family I grew to love at Landmark.

I have learned that I am capable of being independent. I was concerned before whether or not I would be able to handle the real world.  After experiencing this year being fully remote and needing to do a lot of my school work independently, I now know I can definitely excel anywhere I go, thanks to Landmark.

I will remember the fact that I made it through this year and prospered through this difficult time.

Hannah T, grade 10 day student, 1.5 years at Landmark

This year has been very difficult, and we have been faced with many challenges, but I have been able to overcome them and make the best of what we have. My favorite thing about this year is that I have been able to keep my 1:1 tutorial and every class in person. For me as a learner, this has helped tremendously because I am able to still have a strong connection with the teachers and other classmates, which for me makes learning easier. Since we all have been faced with different challenges, I have noticed that little acts of kindness can go a long way; just to put a smile on someone's face can change an entire day for them (even if you can’t see their face). Additionally, there will be a lot of things I remember from this year: having to quarantine, wearing a mask, and keeping my distance from people.

Here’s a picture below of me with one of my best friends.  I am grateful that I’ve been able to be with my friends at school every day.

Naomi V, grade 12 day and remote student, 3 years at Landmark

I have enjoyed being able to attend school in person since the beginning of this year because a lot of other schools didn’t have the opportunity. I also have enjoyed being a full prep student for the first time this year.  

Online learning was pretty hard this year since I struggled with motivation during those winter months when I was fully remote. It was also hard to transition to the new rules and norms of being in-person at the beginning of the year. I really miss sports, especially volleyball, which we were unable to play in the fall. In the fall and winter, I missed the atmosphere of Landmark after classes end and students participate in different after-school activities around campus. 

This year I learned a lot about myself and how I learn best. I learned that in-person learning works way better for me than online learning. I tend to engage more, speak up, and pay full attention when in person. 

I think I will remember the important moments that Landmark made happen during my senior year, such graduation, even though there was a national pandemic occurring. I will also remember how well the school persevered through these hard times and never had to make everyone go full remote. 


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