middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Spring 2021 After-School Programming

As we reintroduce after-school programming this spring, we continue to be mindful of our two most important priorities: the health and safety of our school community and the integrity of the academic program. Every decision we make with regard to after-school programming will be guided by these overarching principles.

  • Programming will include athletics, performing arts, targeted academic support, and clubs. Clubs include: group fitness, art, study hall, and woodworking. 
  • Registration for all after-school programs will take place during the remote week of March 22.
  • Athletic teams will meet remotely during the week of March 29.
  • On-campus, in-person programs will begin the week of April 5.
  • Students will not be permitted to stay on campus after 3:15 p.m. unless they are actively participating in athletics, performing arts, or an activity.  
  • All students participating in after-school activities will be required to participate in Landmark’s weekly COVID-19 saliva surveillance testing. 
  • We will continue to host virtual activities for our remote students and those who prefer to participate online.

Read more information about after-school activities and see an activity schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Landmark host spring athletics?

Yes. Landmark plans to offer some opportunities for students to participate in after-school, interscholastic sports this spring. This season will not look like a typical spring season and will require the patience and cooperation of everyone to be successful. The goal will be to offer students an opportunity to practice skills and build team camaraderie, with the likelihood of offering some interscholastic competitions beginning toward the end of April.

When will spring athletics begin?

Remote meetings with teams will occur during the first two weeks upon return from March vacation, the weeks of March 22 and 29. Beginning the week of April 5, teams will meet in-person on campus.

What days will athletics be offered?

Practices will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., while Wednesdays and Fridays will be reserved for games. We may also look to schedule some games on a Saturday in May (Saturday school day) for certain teams.

With whom will games be scheduled?

Games will be scheduled with schools that mandate mask-wearing for all participants (coaches, students, officials) throughout all aspects of competition. Furthermore, we will schedule with schools that are in relatively close proximity to Landmark to limit travel times. The game schedule will commence toward the end of April. More information on a potential game schedule for each sport will be forthcoming after the March vacation.


What does my student need to be medically cleared to participate?

All athletes must have a current physical (within the last 13 months) on file with the school nurse. Any student participating in athletics will also need to participate in the Landmark weekly COVID-19 saliva testing. If a student tests positive for COVID, at any point during the season, they will need to be cleared by the Department of Public Health and by a doctor before returning to sports. This doctor clearance must specifically include a COVID clearance to return to sports. 


Will COVID-19 saliva testing be mandatory?

Yes, any student, coach, or teacher participating in an after school activity or athletics will be mandated to participate in the weekly saliva testing. Anyone who does not submit the weekly saliva sample will not be permitted to stay after school with their team and will not be cleared for participation until the following week or until they produce an alternative PCR COVID-19 test to the school nurse.

What mitigation strategies will be implemented during athletics?

Masks will be required at all times during practices and games, in vehicles, and on the sidelines. In addition, frequent handwashing and social distancing will also be implemented. Vehicle capacity will remain decreased when teams travel off campus.

What is the risk associated with participating in athletics?

According to Massachusetts state guidelines, tennis is classified as a low-risk sport; baseball, sailing, outdoor track, and girls’ lacrosse are classified as medium risk; and boys’ lacrosse is considered a high-risk sport.

When will my student need to be picked up from campus?

Students must be picked up promptly at 5:00 p.m. each day.  Coaches will remain on campus until all students have departed. It is imperative that students be picked up in a timely manner.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, attendance will be mandatory for any student who signs up to participate on an athletic team. PE credit will be issued for those who meet the attendance criteria.

Will there be any use of locker rooms?

No, the use of locker rooms will not be permitted. CDC, Massachusetts state, and DESE guidelines discourage the use of locker rooms.

How will students get dressed for practices?

To the extent possible, students should come to school ready for practice. Shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other athletic apparel will be permissible to wear during the academic day. 

Will students be allowed to drive their own car to games and practices?

Students may drive themselves to practices and games but will not be permitted to transport other students. Carpooling home is also discouraged since it adds increased risk of transmitting COVID-19.

Do students need to bring their own equipment?

Students must bring all of their own personal protective equipment and water bottles each day. Any shared equipment will be disinfected after each use.

Will spectators be allowed?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any spectators at athletic events. At this time, the Eastern Independent League (EIL) of which Landmark belongs, will not allow spectators in order to ensure the lowest-risk circumstances for athletic events. This policy applies to home and away games.

What will team schedules look like and where will they be posted?

Weekly schedules (for practices and games) will be posted each Friday for the following week in the e-Parent Newsletter and on the Athletics homepage of the school website. 

Will you provide transportation to the Beverly Depot?

We will host a shuttle to the Beverly Depot for athletics and activities that will depart campus at 5:15 p.m., immediately after extracurriculars end for the day.  This will provide access to the 5:38 p.m. inbound train as well as the 6:09 p.m. outbound.  

Where will student-athletes store their personal equipment and how will they drop this off each day?

Each team will have a designated area to keep their personal equipment. However, to the extent possible, students should try to bring all equipment home each night for cleaning. Larger equipment, such as lacrosse sticks, baseball bats and helmets, may be kept on campus in the following places:

Boys’ lacrosse: Alumni Fiield shed

Girls’ lacrosse: Collins Field timber barn

Baseball: Shed behind Ansara

Track: Shed behind Ansara

Tennis: Ansara Equipment Room

Sailing: 447 Cottage