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Social Thinking 2021

Monday, December 20, 2021

Landango Elementary Movie Event

Each year Landmark's Elementary School Social Thinking classes hold an event to showcase and practice their social skills. This year they hosted the Landango Elementary Movie Event, riffing off the Fandango movie ticketing platform, to practice social skills in a movie-like setting.

Prior to the event, the elementary students were able to vote for a movie agreed upon by their classmates and make a phone reservation for their movie tickets. They actually rehearsed what to say on a real phone call to a Landmark faculty member who took their reservation. On the day of the event, each student received $10 in Landmark money to purchase their movie tickets and calculate which snacks they could purchase at an actual concession stand. After some socializing and snacking with their friends outside, they headed to their classrooms which were decorated and transformed into their very own movie theaters!

Check out some photos of the event!

Thanks to Ms. Ellis for putting together the photos!

Social thinking buying movie tickets

Social thinking movie event buying concessions

social thinking watching movie

social thinking watching movie acting out screne