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Social Media Interns Make Their Mark

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Through Landmark School's Marketing and Communications department, three students spent a full academic year serving as the School's Social Media Interns. The initiative was the brain child of former Landmark High School math teacher, Kim Hildebrandt, who is now the School's Digital Communications Manager. "Our students have been interested in Landmark's presence on social media for a while, and it made sense to harness some of this enthusiasm to create a program where they could learn, be engaged, and influence a medium that they and other students are value," said Hildebrandt. 

The three interns were Isabella Combs '19, Lydia Jackson '20, and Greta Wright '20. Throughout the year they attended many Landmark events during the school day and in the evening and on weekends, where they reported on the activities and took photos. Each week they met with program organizer, Hildebrandt, to strategize, learn about social media best practices, review what they had collected, evaluate its appropriateness for the school's social media sites, and draft and edit posts. Hildebrandt posted most of what the interns generated giving each student credit for the content. See an example of a recent post on the left. 

"Toward the end of the year, I wanted to have the interns work on a special project that had some staying power and could potentially go viral," said Hildebrandt. "We brainstormed and came up with a campaign to highlight how talented, but misunderstood, students with learning disabilities are. The interns wanted to ask fellow students to identify a word summarizing what they, as someone with a learning difference, would want the world to know about them. They came up with the 'I am...' project," said Hildebrandt. The result of this effort is a short video that is a compilation of the submissions that the interns collected.

Hildebrandt will supervise the Social Media Internship program next year and is currently interviewing candidates for this role.  


Check out two of the culminating projects the interns worked on this year:

"I am..." Project

"Day in the Life"