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Showing Support and Solidarity

Thursday, September 3, 2020

To cap off the first week of Landmark High School’s 2020–2021 academic year, the newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Advocates asked faculty and staff to wear black to show solidarity with and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Faculty member Scott Jamieson, a member of the committee, explained, “Making the choice to wear black is one way of showing our students, new and returning, that our community stands up against racism and discrimination and stands up for the rights and lives of Black people across the country. This was an idea generated by members of our community and I thank them for sharing the idea.”

Responding to the initiative, High School faculty member Jamaal Dixon said, “As I watched Jacob Blake get shot in his back seven times as his kids watched I couldn't help but think, what if that was me? Many of you may not understand that feeling, but as a people, we just want to be valued, it's really quite simple. We will continue to have the necessary conversations throughout the year, and push our campus to be an accepting and inclusive community, I believe that is what we all want.”

The committee’s work is an institutional priority for Landmark School. Headmaster Bob Broudo said, “Members of the Landmark community tend to be inherently empathetic, knowing that our students tend to be marginalized in their prior school experiences due to their learning disabilities, and being sensitive to important social issues. As a community, we also know that we can and need to do more. The Black Lives Matter movement, and other human rights movements, are often wrongfully politicized. Treating people with dignity and humanity is not political — it’s a basic human right.”

The work of the committees on both campuses is to help our students and faculty become informed, invested global citizens who have an awareness of inequality, injustice, and institutional racism. 

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Faculty members Lauren Michaud and Scott Jamieson show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.