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Senior Portfolio Art Show

Thursday, May 28, 2020

virtual art show

Art Department Co-Heads Kara Healey and Beth Jamieson hung a stunning virtual 3D art show for senior Portfolio students Emily Dirico, Callie Dangel, Abigail Garthwaite, Lydia Jackson, Sarah Mann, Henry Terrien, and Alex Williams.

The art show is divided into two rooms. Room One features the work of Callie Dangel, Emily Dirico, Lydia Jackson, and Henry Terrien. Room Two features the work of Abigail Garthwaite, Sarah Mann, and Alex Williams.

Landmark’s Portfolio course focuses on the processes, components, and structures of creating an effective portfolio. In addition, research and writing about art and artists, gaining professional skills in communication, digital archive creation, organization, curation, and presentation of work are emphasized. Students keep a daily sketchbook, participate in class critiques, and produce a substantial amount of original works, both in and outside of class. 

The spring Senior Art Show is an event that Portfolio students work toward all year and marks a culmination of their art career at Landmark. Ever since the creation of the Inspiration Gallery, this event has become even more of a highlight because students can fulfill the final step of art making by learning to curate, advertise, and host their own exhibit and opening.

virtual art show

"We decided early on during remote learning that we would find a way to make a senior show happen and give students the opportunity to display their work and share it with the community and beyond," said Beth Jamieson. "Students chose work to display and created one final piece remotely to add to the show. They worked together to create a digital flier to advertise the event. We know that this is not the same as a physical show on campus, but our hope is that this virtual show can be seen by a wider audience for a longer duration.

"This virtual exhibit is also an example of how the Art Department and students are seeking to innovate in order to share and celebrate student work during unprecedented times. This virtual senior show demonstrates the resilience and perseverance of the class of 2020 and allows for this group of art students to leave a lasting legacy."