student and teacher working with letter tiles

Senior Internship Showcase

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Landmark High School seniors who took the Senior Study Skills class had an opportunity to participate in an internship program for two weeks in May. The Senior Study Skills course is a skills-based, transition-focused course taken by most seniors. The internship is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a career of interest, learn about workplace values, and exercise real-life communication skills. Landmark faculty serve as mentors for the students. Mentors communicate with the interns, visit them onsite, communicate with their site-supervisors, and oversee an assessment process of their workplace skills and overall performance in the internship.

The internship program is just in its second year, and has been well received by students and workplaces alike. All of the sites that we worked with the first year were interested in taking part in the program again. The intern sites have come to appreciate and anticipate our involvement. All site supervisors gave their student interns raving reviews. They were able to comment on several areas of strength and also identify ways the student could grow or develop in the future. 

The internship experience has been valuable for students to gain understanding of themselves as well as workplace life. 

Last week, interns had the opportunity to present about their experiences in front of other students and faculty.

Below is a list of places students completed internships.

Two-Week Internships:

  • Print & Copy
  • Northeast Animal Shelter
  • Seaside Sustainability
  • Landmark Marketing and Communications 
  • Landmark EMS PE Department
  • Mystery Train Records
  • Northshore Education Consortium
  • Sperling Interactive
  • Study Skills Dept. Curriculum Development

Year-Long Internships:

  • The Friendship
  • Communications and Power Industry
  • Woodworking, Landmark School
  • Tot Spot Pre-School