Graduation Parade

Live-Stream of Graduation Parade

August 8, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

Senior Speech

Speech by Landmark Senior, Liz Theriault '20

Cap and Gown Gallery

Take a look at our seniors wearing their ceremonial caps and gowns.

Must-See Tribute to the Class of 2020

The Landmark Performing Arts Department gathered a group of students, faculty, and alumni to produce a virtual chorus rendition of "Rainbow" by Kacey Musgraves. 

Friday, May 29

Thursday, May 28

Wednesday, May 27

Tuesday, May 26

Senior Spotlights

Check out our round-up of Senior Spotlight profiles.

Learning to Fly: Six Landmark Seniors Soar as North Shore Scholars

By Jeanne Talbot P'20

Students challenged with learning differences don’t often grow up believing, or being told, they are smart and can be successful in school or in life beyond the classroom. In fact, stinging comments about the likelihood of not succeeding linger, can carve tracks of negative thought patterns, and build walls of academic insecurity for years. But Landmark seniors Catherina DiGiovanni, Anna Hughson, Alice Schwechheimer, Elizabeth Theriault, Isabel West, and Greta Wright have proven their early childhood naysayers wrong by being named North Shore Scholars; an achievement awarded by the North Shore Chamber of Commerce to those graduating in the top 5% of their class. Read more.

Senior Portfolio Art Show

Art Department Co-Heads Kara Healey and Beth Jamieson hung a stunning virtual 3D art show for senior portfolio students Emily Dirico, Callie Dangel, Abigail Garthwaite, Lydia Jackson, Sarah Mann, Henry Terrien, and Alex Williams. Enjoy the work of our talented seniors!

Room One (link is external)

Room One (link is external) features the work of Callie Dangel, Emily Dirico, Lydia Jackson, and Henry Terrien.

Room Two (link is external)

Room Two (link is external) features the work of Abigail Garthwaite, Sarah Mann, and Alex Williams.