student and teacher working with letter tiles

Science Fair 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

Like so much else, this year, Landmark's annual science fair went virtual! Both in-person and remote students have worked tirelessly over the last several months brainstorming ideas for projects, learning how to build a study, gathering and analyzing data, and putting together a presentation. This past week, students capped off all their hard work with oral and written presentations. Judges joined the class virtually as students presented their projects and answered questions. This virtual format allowed students to use images and video to draw judges into the process, enhancing the understanding of the project. Projects were judged on presentation, scientific thought, thoroughness, and creativity. The students were required to state the purpose of the project, the hypothesis, the scientific procedure they followed, observations, gather and interpret data, draw a conclusion, and finally, present the project to judges. 

Teachers guided students through the science fair process using Landmark's tried and true Six Teaching Principles. They helped students micro-unit the process, breaking it into smaller, more manageable pieces. They structured for success, helping students see small achievements along the long road of their projects so students felt motivated to continue their work. Students used templates and examples to guide them and got lots of practice with their teacher as a facilitator. One of the wonderful things about the Science Fair is that students got to dive into a topic of interest and merge it with what they are learning in science.

While all students, and teachers, get to revel in their hard work and accomplishment, we are excited to announce the Winners for the 2021 Science Fair:

1st Place: Summer O.
2nd Place: Blade S.
3rd Place: Dylan A.

Also a special thank you to our science fair teachers:
Ms. Boucher, Mr. Crossman, Mr. Gasowski, Mr. Petri, Mr. Ryan & Mr. Walker!!!