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Robb Genetelli Honored by Small Boarding School Association

Friday, May 4, 2018

There was a surprise waiting for Robb Genetelli, High School Dean of Students, when he made his annual pilgrimage to the Small Boarding School Association (SBSA) conference in March. He didn’t expect to hear his name announced as the recipient of its highest honor, the Michele Gorman Award, conferred upon a person who has made an outstanding contribution for the benefit and advancement of small boarding schools.

Praised for His Passion

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The namesake of the award, Michele Gorman, is alive and well and working as an educational consultant after a long stint serving in small boarding schools (200 residents or fewer). Michele said that Genetelli "is always such a welcome presenter at the conferences and has attended all but one in the organization’s 32 year history.” She added, “Robb is a gift to our organization. The topics he presents at our conferences are always so relevant and he speaks with passion and honesty. He has so much depth."

Carolyn Orsini Nelson, Landmark’s former Director of Admission and Advancement, announced the award at the conference and in her comments said of Robb, “Sometimes he makes us gasp, sometimes blush, but he always makes us think. His compassion for the students in his care is unmistakable.” Congratulations Mr. G.!