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The Landmark Student

Landmark students, in grades 2-12, are curious, intelligent, well-adjusted, happy, and eager to learn. The majority have been diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia, SLD in reading, or a disorder of written expression. 

When families inquire about Landmark School and visit our campus, we ask them to imagine themselves on a campus with students who are curious, eager to learn and succeed in school…a campus where students have diverse interests, who care about each other, and come from all over the U.S. and many countries to learn innovative ways to understand and overcome their learning differences.

Landmark looks for student profiles that we can support academically and socially. Our teachers are trained in language-based reading remediation, specifically in phonemic awareness, decoding, and reading fluency. 

Landmark Changes Lives

"Over the past month we've seen amazing improvements in my daughter's confidence, articulation, love for reading, use of more mature words...She wakes up every morning eager to get to school. She enthusiastically tells us all about the projects she's working on, the reasons she's writing more developed and advanced sentences... asking me if I "inferred" what I had just said to hear from what I just saw on TV!" —Laurie Liatsos

High School Student Panel

Elementary•Middle School Student Panel