student and teacher working with letter tiles

Ocean Floor Models Displayed Remotely

Friday, June 12, 2020

In mid-March, when Landmark School had to close its doors temporarily due to the COVID-19 health pandemic, we could not have imagined that three months later we would be offering five days of remote one-to-one tutorial, academic classes, electives, social groups—even a virtual Elementary Key and Middle School Transition Ceremony. 

In a typical year, May would have been the month when Parents' Days would have been held on our Elementary•Middle School campus with parent, teacher, and advisor conferences, workshops, and presentations. Each spring Sophie Wilson, head of the EMS Science Department, works with her teachers and over 100 middle school students to present three-dimensional presentations of the unit they are working on—and this year was no exception. 

Ms. Wilson said, "Our year-end unit was on Marine Science and I tasked our students with creating models of the ocean floor. This was something that they could work on at home and submit a photo of their project to their science teacher. I was so impressed with the high caliber of these projects and the time and attention that our students dedicated to their models. While I wish we could have displayed these in person during Parents' Days, it's been fun to watch this virtual presentation take shape."

Here's a taste of the presentation

Here's the full presentation with all student work included.


Ocean floor model