student and teacher working with letter tiles

Note from Mr. Kahn

rob kahn head of landmark elementary middle schoolYou may have heard: I’ll be taking on a different role at Landmark when this semester ends. I first became director of North Campus in 1985, after working at Landmark (and Landmark East in Nova Scotia) since the summer of 1972. I might say that when I first took on this role I never would have dreamed that 35 years later I’d still be head of the Elementary•Middle School at Landmark. I might say that; but it wouldn’t be true. I haven’t imagined doing anything else for quite some time, and it’s a job I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and feel privileged and lucky to have undertaken. A large part of that privilege is the passion I feel being part of Landmark’s mission: providing a literacy toolbox to smart students in their teens or younger who need to learn differently. The other large part of that privilege is the Landmark community. Being in a role where my responsibility is to enable a stellar faculty to do their jobs makes me grateful on a daily basis.

A search committee made up of members of that faculty, along with a parent, a trustee, and Landmark’s head and admission director, have done the school proud by naming Claire Sullivan as the campus’s next head. I am delighted and honored to pass this responsibility on to Claire, a veteran Landmark teacher, coach, presenter, department head, trainer, and mentor. I’ll be at Landmark through the 50th Reunion in various capacities, and I hope to be a supportive presence and to stay out of Claire’s way as she turns her professional expertise, considerable energy, and creative talents towards the challenges of EMS’s and Landmark’s future. I can already sense the comfort and confidence the faculty has in Claire’s leadership as we head into this transition.