student and teacher working with letter tiles

A Note From Claire Sullivan

To say that I feel honored to be given this new position would be an understatement. Fourteen years ago, I sat down anxiously in Rob’s office for my interview, hoping to secure a teaching position at Landmark. But if you have met Rob, you know how easy it is to be in his presence. Within moments, talk of my goals, experience, theater, research-based thesis papers, and travel erased my initial nervousness. To really understand Landmark one must experience it, and so shortly after, I found myself within an intimate classroom of eight students as the quiet observer. The rapport between the teacher and the class alongside the structured practices being implemented made an immediate and lasting impression. I knew then that there was no other place that I wanted to work.  

At a critical juncture in my career path, Rob opened a door to me, one that has since included extensive specialized training and a wide span of professional opportunities related to this field. Even more than my own professional growth, I have felt so fortunate to work with students who have come to Landmark committed to working towards their academic potential. To play a small part in that process for them, and to work alongside so many student-centered colleagues and engaged, supportive families has been such a privilege. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this school’s history as it enters its next chapter.