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Morning Workout Club

News Type:  High School Date:  Thursday, September 16, 2021

Being back on campus for our students, especially those who live on campus through our Residential Program, affords students many benefits. In addition to learning self-advocacy skills, adopting more personal responsibility, taking care of their room and belongings—students are encouraged to attend to their health and well being. 

Faculty members Nate Efinger and Mike Richardson are going above and beyond their duties on the residential team by offering students an early-morning Workout Club, five days a week from 6:00 – 6:45 a.m.

The club started in 2018 when members of the wrestling team wanted to join their coach, Mr. Efinger, in his morning workout on campus in the Alice Ansara Athletic Center. Efinger said, "Other students learned about our morning workouts and they wanted to join in. Some kids opted for a cardio workout, and others started an occasional pick-up basketball game. As the numbers grew, Mike Richardson joined me, and now we tag team to support students to make sure that they practicing proper form, are setting realistic and measurable goals, and are staying safe." 

On average, Efinger and Richardson estimate that four to five students show up regularly, but they have had as many as 20 students participate in this healthy, morning ritual. After nearly 20 months of remote and hybrid programming, Efinger and Richardson are hoping that this year even more students will make a commitment to the Workout Club to get in shape and build a healthy lifelong habit.  

landmark high school students lifting weights

Day and Residential Students Return to Campus

News Type:  High School Date:  Tuesday, September 7, 2021

After nearly a year-and-a-half or remote learning, residential students returned to the High School campus for the 2021–2022 school year. New and returning residents were greeted by eager faculty and staff, who were thrilled for the gradual move toward a sense of normalcy. They were joined by returning day students, and all students participated in orientation activities before classes started on Friday, September 3. New students got acquainted, collaborated, and problem solved at Project Adventure in Beverly, while returning students renewed friendships—and made new ones—in on-campus activities.

Energy and enthusiasm permeated the opening week as parents met with their students' academic advisors and administrators, new parents mingled at a reception, and High School and Elementary•Middle School faculty and staff were welcomed back to campus by Head of School Bob Broudo, who delivered his last opening-day address. (Broudo will retire at the end of the 2021–2022 school year.)

"Your work is changing students’ lives every day. And Landmark—through its mission—is trying to change the world of education to make it equitable for all learners," he said. "We can also, together, as a community, make a difference regarding equity, racial justice and human rights."

As in previous opening addresses, Broudo shared a list of books that have had an impact on him.

Bob's 2021 Books

The Big Burn, by Timothy Egan
Winnie Mandela: A Life, by Anne Mare du Preez Bezdrob
The Great Secret, by Jennet Conant
The Road to Character, by David Brooks
This Is The Fire, by Don Lemon
The Color of Law, by Richard Rothstein
The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X, by Les Payne and Tamara Payne
The Overstory, by Richard Powers
The President’s Daughter, by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

landmark high school students at project adventure




New High School Teachers Arrive

News Type:  High School Date:  Monday, August 16, 2021

On Monday, August 9, 2021, 30 new faculty members arrived at the Landmark High School campus to begin our Teacher Residency Program, the first phase of which is three intensive weeks of on-site training. We are thrilled to welcome this cohort of new teachers to our community, celebrate a healthy enrollment, and a staff comparable in size to our pre-COVID days. 

Our new high school faculty members are a diverse group of educators representing lifelong teachers and even some second-career professionals eager to absorb and then deliver the Landmark method. During their training, they will be in full-time classes and workshops on topics such as "Context of Reading & Reading Instruction at Landmark" and "Practical Strategies and Resources for Tutorial" to "Metacognition, Internal Language & Comprehension." They will additionally be receiving special training on the School’s evolving COVID-19 health-and-safety protocols. 

There was social time built into the training so new teachers could get to know each other as well as veteran faculty. A scavenger hunt on the North Shore helped to familiarize new faculty with the area.

“I am really excited about the year and this stellar group of educators who we are introducing to Landmark School and our approach. Everyone is incredibly engaged and the training sessions have been going well. Students will be arriving before we know it, and I know they will benefit greatly from the talents and dedication of these new teachers," said Scott Jamieson, director of faculty recruiting.

New Landmark High School teachers begin summer training

No Crying in Baseball

News Type:  Athletics High School Date:  Friday, June 18, 2021

In the early spring of 2021, as a COVID vaccine was rolling out more aggressively across the country, Landmark High School administrators decided to offer an abbreviated athletic season to our students. And it was one for the record books in so many ways.

Below is an adapted version of the end-of-season report from Faculty member and Baseball Coach, Chris Murphy. 

Well, we won 4-0 over Beaver Country Day and finished the 2021 spring baseball season 8-1. Again, Stephen, “the Big Bang” Bangs '21 was the story. He struck out another absurd amount of hitters and ended the season with other-worldly stats. Stephen carries a 6-0 record into history as the best Landmark School pitcher—ever. In 35 innings he struck out 88 batters, walked four guys all season, and ended with a 0.25 ERA.

The game was a 0-0 affair for four innings as our thumpers swung from the heels as the opposing pitcher lobbed an assortment of very slow stuff to over-anxious hitters. We left a million guys on base as the coaches chanted "...a single, a kingdom for a single." Lil' Frosh Josh Small granted our wish with a simple, sharp single up the middle to plate two runs. After that, flubs and dubs by the other team found us with two more runs.

We say good-bye to seniors George Athanasiadis, Stephen Bang, Nick Moruzzi, Jack Pomposelli, and Anthony Sullivan. They lead the team in a goofy but endearing manner and encouraged the younger players at all times. After the game, they wouldn't leave the field, hugged each other and spilled some tears (yes, I told them there is no crying in baseball). They all started this journey four years ago and expected to compete for the Eastern Independent League championship this year until COVID infected those hopes. We will miss their baseball presence. But, fear not baseball enthusiasts. A bevy of very good young players stands us in good stead for next year. 

There is an old opera adage that says "it's not over until the fat lady sings." Lately, the old ball coaches have heard her warming up in the distance. We let the boys know that our time on the baselines is over. We are retired. Finished. Done. When most guys our age are soaking their dentures and getting ready for bed we're hurtling down the long, dark highway in a motorized, tin box crammed to the gills with teenagers and baseball equipment hoping that Chipotle's in Beverly is still open so we can feed the little sluggers before the hangry sets in.

More than once we would have pulled into a rest stop for a quick ten-minute nap if we didn't think we'd wake up hours later in some Ohio corn field with Captain George at the wheel grinnin' and singing some awful country song.

The daily schleppin' and driving is over. We loved the boys, loved being on the field, and had a great time coaching. You can defy age but you can't defeat it. We turn the team over to a  younger generation.

If you catch a game at Cooney Field next year and see a couple of old duffers at the top of the cement bleachers you’ll know it’s just us going over the coulda, woulda, and shouldas. 

Thank you for a great season and a remarkable run. 

2021 Landmark High School Baseball team

Commencement 2021

News Type:  High School Date:  Saturday, June 5, 2021

On Saturday, June 5, 2021, 80 seniors graduated from Landmark School. With a slightly new spin on the Landmark tradition, the soon-to-be graduates started their morning watching a video with messages to each graduate from their teachers in the Ansara Athletic Center. Seniors then paraded through campus, walking up "the hill" one last time and each taking a turn to ring the bell. This year commencement was held on Collins Field. Teachers lined the walk-way by "the bridge" to cheer, clap, and give fist bumps as the seniors paraded up to Collins Field led by the bag pipers and senior marshals: Stephen Bangs, Gavin Colby, Morgan Sebastian, and Nathaniel Smith. Families sat in pods around the field awaiting their arrival as seniors walked in front of the stage and took a seat with their family pod.  "This is one of the best days of the year for me. Today is a day to reap the rewards of hard work, persistence, and grit. We couldn't be more proud," said Headmaster Bob Broudo. 

Inspiring Speeches

Student speakers included Aliyah Knudsen, Ethan Kerr, Landon Alpaugh, and Mia Silverman, who entertained with humor, nostalgia, and excitement.  

Graduation 2021 Marshals


Gallery of Commencement 2021 photos


Bangs Throws a No-Hitter

News Type:  High School Date:  Monday, May 10, 2021

The season opener for the boys varsity baseball team was one for the record books. Senior captain Stephen Bangs hurled a 21 strikeout no-hitter against Beaver Country Day School.

"Stephen is probably the best pitcher in the EIL [Eastern Independent League]," said coach Chris Murphy. "His hard work and love of the game has been evident since his freshman year. He dominates the strike zone and the opposing hitters."

Offensively, Landmark bats were on fire, and the team banged out nine hits, with none bigger than Dillon Below's '23 clutch, bases-loaded, two-out double that he ripped to the fence in right-center, clearing the bags. Senior captain George Athanasiadis roped a double in his first at bat and also launched a prodigious blast over the left field fence for a home run. Jacob Karp '23 drove in a run in the first inning and Luke Graham '23 battled for two hits.

Bangs received a congratulatory letter from Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey. "You have clearly worked consistently and exceptionally hard to have reached the impressive milestone of a shutout, 21 strikeouts, and 87 pitches in 7 innings," he wrote. "I not only wanted to recognize the significance of this feat, but also the dedication, commitment, and leadership required to have reached this. You are a good example for younger players coming up in the Stoughton community and at Landmark High School!"

Bangs's no-hitter was the first for Landmark in 10 years. Coach Murphy, with the help of Scott Jamieson (Landmark's own Bill James), dusted off the record books to find that hurler Luke Crocker '11 notched a no-hitter his senior year and a perfect game in 2010, and Jake Propernick '10 threw no-hitters in 2008 and 2009. Jake returned to campus in May and posed for a picture with Stephen.

stephen bangs and jake propernick landmark baseball

stephen bangs landmark high school pitcher
Photo Credit: Cindy Spreer

Landmark Students Recognized in Art Competition

News Type:  High School Date:  Thursday, April 29, 2021

Three Landmark High School students earned awards at the 27th Annual Sixth Congressional District Art Competition. Julia Bottarelli '23 placed third for her charcoal on paper. Gaby Matte-Roy '24 and Jenna Rucker '22 both earned honorable mention, Matte-Roy for her charcoal pet portrait and Rucker for digital photography. 

Montserrat College of Art hosted the virtual ceremony and Congressman Seth Moulton announced the winners. Award winners and honorable mention recipients received varying levels of scholarship to Montserrat’s Summer Pre-College Program.

The annual competition includes work in a variety of media work from public and private high school students from across the Congressional district. 

julia bottarelli charcoal self portrait
Julia Bottarelli


Gaby Matte-Roy pet charcoal portrait
Gaby Matte-Roy

jenna rucker landmark high school photograph
Jenna Rucker

Afternoon Activities are Back in Action

News Type:  High School Date:  Thursday, April 22, 2021

Like most schools, Landmark paused its athletic and other extracurricular programming when the COVID-19 pandemic shut our world down in March of 2020. As we all know, students and teachers shifted to a remote model, reengineering everything from the most complex programs to mundane tasks—always maintaining focus on the primary objective of delivering academic content. All the while, educators were well aware that students were in need of more enriching experiences that could not be delivered through a computer screen.  

Throughout the fall and winter seasons of the 2020-2021 school year, Landmark's High School and Elementary•Middle School campuses offered a small number of remote afternoon and evening activities with the hope that as the weather warmed, opportunities to offer more would be possible. 

In April 2021, Landmark's High School program rolled out modified after-school activity offerings for students with options from art, baseball, and lacrosse to sailing, woodworking, stock club, and yoga to name a few.

The girls lacrosse team, in their victorious season opener against The Academy at Penquin Hall, represented the strong desire our students have to explore physical and emotional outlets.

Coaches Mary Guinea and Amanda Doyle said, "Most of the girls on this young team have never played together before this season and you would not have been able to tell watching them play in both rain and shine today. Players navigated new COVID-19 protocols and rules, communicated with each other, and earned the victory. They did a great job and should be recognized for their hard work to learn this game and work together as a team!"

Landmark School will continue to incrementally build programs in an ever-changing climate of health and safety protocols, and is eager to meet all of our students' needs—including that fall outside of the classroom. 


Citizen Bee 2021

News Type:  High School Date:  Monday, March 8, 2021

In February 2021, Landmark High School students held a virtual Citizen's Bee. The Citizen's Bee is a long-standing tradition at Landmark High School. It is a friendly trivia match to challenge students on content they have been learning throughout the year or in current events.

Championship Round a Nail-Biter

All social studies classes participated in the Citizen's Bee virtually. The final round came down to Mr. Murphy's 5th period Economics class and Mr. Ahearn's 2nd period Law class. This final round was close, with Mr Murphy's 5th period Economics class eking out a 2 point win, earning 38 points to the other class' 36 points. The finals "match was conducted remotely by Mr. Chhu and Mr. Talbot, and each class was asked questions during their regularly scheduled class. There were two rounds. The first round featured a series of questions in the following categories: Geography, American History, World History, Famous People, Current Events, and Sports and Entertainment. 

The 2nd round had randomized categories. This year there were questions on poetry, identifying major international cities, state license plates, and fast food menu items, among others.

"Citizen Bee is a creative way for students to review some of the concepts they have learned in their classes, be introduced to information they might not otherwise hear about, and hopefully add to their collection of historical and contemporary knowledge," said Mr. Talbot. "We aim to include questions that tap into students' wide array of interests, providing room for them to shine during a trivia competition which might otherwise feel inaccessible." 

Citizen's Bee winners 2021


Fostering Friendship a World Away

News Type:  High School Date:  Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What started out four years ago as a spring break trip to share professional development with schools and educators in Mozambique, has blossomed into a cross-cultural partnership that has touched hundreds of teachers and their many students.

In 2017, a group of five Landmark teachers went to Mozambique to share what they knew about teaching best practices with educators there. The trip was organized by former high school faculty member, Cassie Larson, whose family founded and runs the Sunshine Approach Foundation, part of the Sunshine Nut Company located in Mozambique. The corporation uses a majority of their cashew farming and distribution profits to support agricultural development, orphans and vulnerable children, and other like-minded organizations in the area.

Since that first visit, a team of Landmark teachers has visited Mozambique every year, cultivated meaningful friendships, collaborated with teachers, delivered lessons and activities to school-age children, and contributed more than $6,000 in the form of Landmark teaching publications and supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and more to hundreds of students. "Each year, we partner with more than 100 teachers, many of whom we get to reconnect with each year. They teach us as much as we teach them," said high school Science teacher, Michelle Boucher.

This year, due to travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, Boucher mobilized a fundraising effort among school faculty and staff that generated funds to provide 130 backpacks and 70 uniforms to students in Mozambique.   

Boucher says, "Working with these teachers and students has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Knowing that we can share the spirit of Landmark halfway around the world, and come back with new ideas and inspiration from teachers in Mozambique and share them with our community, is incredibly rewarding."

Landmark teachers who have participated in past trips to Mozambique include:

2017: Kyle Clark, Kate Kinsman, Cassie Larson, Kaleigh Mangiarelli, Lauren (Morrow) Murphy 

2018: Rachael Bartz, Chelsey Bergsten, Nathan Gray, Brigid Houlihan, Victoria Tansey

2019: Scott Blanchette, Michelle Boucher, Jamaal Dixon

2020: Michelle Boucher, Doug Musco, Doug Walker


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