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EPIC EMS Soccer Match

News Type:  EMS Date:  Thursday, October 31, 2019

The EMS soccer team completed their season with a final match against faculty and staff members. The middle schoolers brought polish, experience, and a true sense of teamwork to the game. Faculty and staff brought dusty old sweats, parents, and thankfully some youthful siblings. The second half culminated in an all-on-the-field showdown where very few rules were adhered to, but everyone emerged a winner.

EMS student faculty soccer game

EMS Student Council

News Type:  EMS Date:  Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Last month, elementary and middle school students prepared and delivered speeches to an audience of their peers, faculty, and staff pitching their views and qualities that would make them ideal to serve on the EMS Student Council. Candidates promises included planning and taking more field trips, having a soft ice cream or frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria, getting new recess equipment, and many more.

All candidates from the elementary program were offered seats on the council while the middle school held bonafide elections with secret ballots that were carefully tabulated. The process was as much about electing a student council as learning about the election process. 

Peter Harris, head of the Language Arts Department at the EMS oversaw the process along with Matt Pinstein. These faculty members will serve as advisors to the Council throughout this academic year. 

Thank you to all who ran in this year's elections and congratulations to the winners. 

Landmark Middle School Student Council 2019-2020
Landmark Middle School Student Council, 2019-2020


Landmark Elementary Student Council 2019-2020
Landmark Elementary School Student Council, 2019-2020



2019 EMS Fall Fest

News Type:  EMS Date:  Monday, October 21, 2019

An October bomb cyclone may have downed trees and left thousands of people without power, but it didn’t dampen spirits at the 2019 Elementary•Middle School Fall Festival. The activity-packed event went on as planned just a day after an unexpected storm resulted in the cancellation of school.

Students enthusiastically participated in activities that included slime making, toilet paper bowling, candy corn bingo, pumpkin decorating, and, of course, eating doughnuts on a string!

Thank you to the Special Events Committee for making Fall Fest a memorable day for all!

ems fall fest pumpkin painting

Composting Debuts at EMS

News Type:  EMS Date:  Monday, October 7, 2019

Given the resounding success of the student-led composting initiative at the High School, the Elementary•Middle School began its own composting program on October 7. Before the first bit of material was placed in the composting bins, Deb Telep and the Green Team gave a presentation showing students what can and cannot be composted. The students were vigilant about making sure the bins were not contaminated by non-organic material.

Isabel West ‘20 and August Reid ‘20, the masterminds of the program at the High School, spoke to EMS students in September, explaining the composting process and its benefits. Students eagerly peppered them with questions about what items could be composted and why others, such as plastics and rocks, cannot.

Landmark students speak up to raise awareness about learning disabilities and inspire future educators. #DyslexiaAwareness #Advocate #learningdisabilities #learndifferently


Eighth Grade Leadership Retreat

News Type:  EMS Date:  Thursday, October 3, 2019


On October 1, the entire eighth grade class at the Elementary•Middle School participated in the seventh annual Leadership Retreat. Events were held on campus and at Gordon College.

The goal of the day is to learn about leadership, brainstorm ways to strengthen the community, bond as a class, and to have fun! Since the class includes many new eighth graders, it was a nice way to kick off the year and create a sense of community, while also fostering leadership skills and encouraging students to have a voice in school. 

“We want to instill in them leadership skills to use in their lives going forward, to recognize how our younger students look up to them, and to feel empowered to make change,” said Laura Polvinen, a counselor at EMS.

Visitors from Afar

News Type:  EMS Date:  Thursday, September 19, 2019


Landmark EMS welcomed two educational study groups from Japan this week. Many were returning for their second, third, or more visits with us. The group was led by Professor Kazuki Tani and busy with a full schedule of observations including tutorials, classes, and even the Bike Repair shop and Elementary Music. 

They visited with Bruce Miller, social studies department head, and heard presentations from Jennifer Schley-Johnson on ACTIVE reading strategies as well as from Wendy Ellis on social thinking. We think their thought bubbles at the end of the day expressed appreciation for their takeaways from Landmark, and we all loved interacting with fellow educators from Japan.

The visitors shared our enthusiasm. “We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us. We excitedly discussed the experience at our hotel room until midnight. We have to make sure that we apply to our classes what we learned during our visit,” said Kazuki Tani.

Landmark Partners with BU Wheelock

News Type:  EMS Date:  Friday, September 6, 2019


One of the many perks of teaching at Landmark School is being able to enroll in a master's program, paid for by the School and delivered on its campus. This fall, that program will be delivered through a special partnership between Landmark and the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. 

The BU Wheelock merger, established in June 2018, has enabled the two Boston-based institutions to build a program that economizes resources and is more well positioned to provide new teachers with the skills and knowledge to meet their students' needs.

At any given time, approximately 50 Landmark faculty members are enrolled in BU Wheelock graduate-level courses to ultimately earn a Master of Education in Special Education. Given the demands of teaching, coaching, after-school activities, and some weekend and evening coverage, it takes, on average, five years to complete the program. Participants in the program benefit from the invaluable combination of earning their graduate degree while teaching in an environment where they receive regular assessment and mentoring. 

As an advocate for and organizer of this partnership, BU Wheelock’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Linda Banks-Santilli expressed her excitement at the possibilities the new relationship opens up: “Our goals for this partnership are to bring the incredible talents and expertise of faculty, staff, and students at both institutions together to learn from each other so that every child with or without disabilities benefits from a well-prepared, well-educated teacher that is committed to ensuring that children with disabilities have all of the same rights and opportunities to succeed as others.” 

Learn more about the Landmark School and Boston University Wheelock College partnership.


Overview of EMS Athletics

News Type:  EMS Date:  Friday, September 6, 2019


The coaches at Landmark Elementary•Middle School are looking forward to the fall athletic season and are already looking ahead to winter and spring. We encourage students to sign up for a sport, regardless of previous experience (with the exception of golf). It is our hope that any student who wants to learn and develop a skill set in a sport has the opportunity to do so.

Fall Sports

Season runs Monday, September 9 – Wednesday, November 6
Sign-ups open through Friday, September 6.

Coed Soccer: Available to all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, regardless of previous experience. Based out of the Elementary•Middle School campus.
Coed Cross Country: Available to all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, regardless of previous experience. Based out of the Elementary•Middle School campus.
Coed Golf: Available to eighth-grade students (experience and golf clubs are required). Based at the Landmark High School campus, these student-athletes will compete at the JV level.
Girls Volleyball: Available to eighth-grade students. Based at the Landmark High School campus, these student-athletes will compete at the JV level.

Fall Practice for Middle School Athletics

Monday through Thursday:  3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. 
Soccer players can be picked at 4:30 at Iron Rail Field, parking lot located off Rubbly Road in Wenham, or at 4:45 p.m. at Landmark Elementary•Middle School Gym 

Winter Season

Season runs Monday, November 18 - Thursday, February 13
Sign-ups: Monday, November 4 through Friday, November 8

Sports offered:

  • Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Wrestling (all practices at the High School)
  • Swimming (high school JV level)

Spring Season 

Season runs Monday, March 23 – Thursday, May 15
Sign-Ups: Monday, March 2 – Friday, March 6

Sports offered:

  • Baseball
  • Coed Track
  • Boys Lacrosse (high school JV level)
  • Girls Lacrosse (high school JV level)
  • Boys Tennis (high school JV level)
  • Girls Tennis (high school JV level)
  • Girls Softball (high school JV level)

Vocabulary Parade

News Type:  EMS Date:  Friday, June 7, 2019

What a glorious day for a parade—a Vocabulary Parade! On Friday, June 7, Landmark Elementary School students dressed up as a word from a book they recently read and paraded around the Main Building and into the Meeting Room, where they presented their words. Parents and EMS faculty and staff lined the sun-lit parade route and cheered as the students, dressed in creative, intricate costumes, passed by. The Vocabulary Parade is one of the most anticipated year-end traditions at EMS.

Each student took to the stage and stated their word's definition, synonym, antonym, and an original sentence using the word. The challenging words included crepuscular, succulent, durable, and perfidy.

Milkbreak Drama Club Performance

News Type:  EMS Date:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019

ems milkbreak drama clubThe Milkbreak Drama Club performed a series of improvisations on June 5 in front of a crowded and engaged house. The impressively acted skits included a sticky situation that occurred when a girl ignores the parental supervision warning on a jar of glue, how an episode of The Bachelorette helped to quell a fear of being alone, an encounter with a hypocritical police officer, and many more!

After the performance, the actors took questions from the audience. Mr. Kahn, head of the Elementary•Middle School, asked how much of the skits were scripted. We learned that about half of the material is delivered on the fly. The group was also asked how they develop their skits. They write the beginning, middle, and end of a skit on a board, and then erase it before they perform it so they act and not read.

Each skit was performed with minimal props but ample enthusiasm. Carolyn Aliskevicz​, who majored in theater and acts in area productions, started the Milkbreak Drama Club in January. This was the group's second improvisational performance. She plans to expand the format of the club to include scripts, monologues, and acts. She said she hopes the club helps to foster an appreciation for the theater arts.

"They are learning that it takes hard work and discipline but is also incredibly fun," Aliskevicz​​ said. "They are all quite talented and my hope is that they realize this and carry themselves with a little more confidence."

The budding auteurs are: Maggie F., Catherine F., Alexa M., Solenn M., Taylor N., Linnea N., and Elaina V.


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