EIL banners in Landmark School gym

National Women in Sport Day: Three Landmark Perspectives

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

National Girls and Women in Sports Day is observed on February 5. This day acknowledges the accomplishments of female athletes, recognizes the influence of sports participation for women and girls, and honors the progress and continuing struggle for equality for women in sports. In an attempt to celebrate the purpose of the day, the Landmark Athletic Department is spotlighting three successful female athletes in the Landmark Community.

Jen Whyte - Teacher and Live In 

Jen women in sport basketball player running off court

Jen was a multi-sport athlete at Braintree high school, where she played and captained volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse.

As a senior, Jen led the nationally ranked Braintree girls basketball team to a Massachusetts D1 State Championship!

Jen continued her basketball career at Bridgewater State, and continued winning! Her freshman year, Bridgewater won the MASAC Conference Championship. Jen was captain of that team as a senior. 

Jen on what sports have meant to her. 
“Sports mean dedication. Sports have shown me what mental toughness is. More than anything, that is what has stuck with me.”

Merryl Green ‘19 - NCAA Student-Athlete

Merryl track hurdle runner

At Landmark, Merryl holds four school records, and she won three New England titles, including going back-to-back in the 300m Hurdles. Merryl holds an EIL record in the same event, and was selected Landmark School - Outstanding Female Athlete last year. 

Merryl is now a freshman at Loras College in Dubuque Iowa. The Duhawks are defending NCAA-DIII National Champions in Outdoor Track, and are currently ranked 8th Nationally Indoors. Merryl has scored points in every meet so far and is doing a tremendous job rising to the occasion!

Merryl on Transitioning to a High-Level college program:
“The level of commitment and dedication that is required was really surprising. I’m learning how much mental perseverance and time it takes to succeed at this level. The work my teammates put in is really motivating.” 


Makayla Carrafiello - Landmark Junior

Makayla female wrestler

A multi-sport athlete Makayla is a major contributor to some of the most successful teams in the school, including last year’s IGC-D2 Champion Soccer team, and this winter’s EIL Champion Wrestling team. Mikayla is a team-first athlete, and an absolute blast to watch compete. She is tenacious, competitive, and TOUGH!

Makayla is celebrating National Women and Girls in Sports Day by competing at the EIL Wrestling Tournament in Portsmouth Abbey, hoping to help her team win for the first time in eight years. 

Makayla on why she competes.
“Sports are an outlet for me, an escape. It’s fun to work hard and blow off steam doing something you like after a hard day.”