EIL banners in Landmark School gym

Morning Workout Club

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Being back on campus for our students, especially those who live on campus through our Residential Program, affords students many benefits. In addition to learning self-advocacy skills, adopting more personal responsibility, taking care of their room and belongings—students are encouraged to attend to their health and well being. 

Faculty members Nate Efinger and Mike Richardson are going above and beyond their duties on the residential team by offering students an early-morning Workout Club, five days a week from 6:00 – 6:45 a.m.

The club started in 2018 when members of the wrestling team wanted to join their coach, Mr. Efinger, in his morning workout on campus in the Alice Ansara Athletic Center. Efinger said, "Other students learned about our morning workouts and they wanted to join in. Some kids opted for a cardio workout, and others started an occasional pick-up basketball game. As the numbers grew, Mike Richardson joined me, and now we tag team to support students to make sure that they practicing proper form, are setting realistic and measurable goals, and are staying safe." 

On average, Efinger and Richardson estimate that four to five students show up regularly, but they have had as many as 20 students participate in this healthy, morning ritual. After nearly 20 months of remote and hybrid programming, Efinger and Richardson are hoping that this year even more students will make a commitment to the Workout Club to get in shape and build a healthy lifelong habit.  

landmark high school students lifting weights