middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Milkbreak Drama Club Performance

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

ems milkbreak drama clubThe Milkbreak Drama Club performed a series of improvisations on June 5 in front of a crowded and engaged house. The impressively acted skits included a sticky situation that occurred when a girl ignores the parental supervision warning on a jar of glue, how an episode of The Bachelorette helped to quell a fear of being alone, an encounter with a hypocritical police officer, and many more!

After the performance, the actors took questions from the audience. Mr. Kahn, head of the Elementary•Middle School, asked how much of the skits were scripted. We learned that about half of the material is delivered on the fly. The group was also asked how they develop their skits. They write the beginning, middle, and end of a skit on a board, and then erase it before they perform it so they act and not read.

Each skit was performed with minimal props but ample enthusiasm. Carolyn Aliskevicz​, who majored in theater and acts in area productions, started the Milkbreak Drama Club in January. This was the group's second improvisational performance. She plans to expand the format of the club to include scripts, monologues, and acts. She said she hopes the club helps to foster an appreciation for the theater arts.

"They are learning that it takes hard work and discipline but is also incredibly fun," Aliskevicz​​ said. "They are all quite talented and my hope is that they realize this and carry themselves with a little more confidence."

The budding auteurs are: Maggie F., Catherine F., Alexa M., Solenn M., Taylor N., Linnea N., and Elaina V.