student and teacher working with letter tiles

Middle School Transition Ceremony

Friday, June 11, 2021

Landmark Middle School students had a beautiful, in-person Transition Ceremony on Friday, June 11, 2021.  After a year of uncertainty due to COVID-19, the teachers and students commented on how well everyone has adapted this year. From hybrid with remote days to fully in-person, teacher and students alike, have been impressed with the flexibility, perseverance, creativity, and positivity of their community. That being said, everyone was glad to have an in-person celebration to cap their eighth grade year.

"Despite all the challenges of the year, this is a chance to celebrate student’s accomplishments and hard work, and how adaptable they have been," said Ms. Polvinen. "You can feel the buzz of how much they are looking forward to this culminating experience."

While the Middle School Transition Ceremony looked a little different this year, many remarked about how much they liked it. Students gathered in the gym to get ready and then walked down to Swanson Field amid cheers and clapping from their teachers and lower grade students. On the field, eighth graders sat with their family pods and listened to inspiring speeches from their teachers fellow students.

Families, students, faculty, and staff all enjoyed this celebration honoring what makes Landmark such a special and impactful place.

Peruse through a photo gallery of the day.